All Natural Beauty Bath Salts

As a beauty blogger I love seeking out new companies, products and people in the field of natural beauty.  I came across a fellow blogger, Chanell Angeli, and her beauty and travel website, and instantly fell in love.  It's a great looking website, with interesting blog posts and  informative information about natural skin care and the ingredients.  Chanell  recently debuted her line of natural skin care products after so many of her readers asked her how she kept her skin looking so fantastic.  She was happy to oblige and now you can check out her products as well.  

Melanin Mermaid, her own line of natural skin and hair beauty products, contain natural, healthy ingredients that help refine and improve skin.  It's the Glow Baby Bath Salt Scrub.  I am a fan of salt scrubs and soaks because I like the way my skin feels after I do a treatment.  Melanin Mermaid's scrub contains coconut oil, one of my favorite hydrating oils, and a blend of sea salt and Epsom salt.  Coconut oil is the key ingredient, due to it's moisturizing, anti-aging and antibacterial properties. They add a little fun to the mix by blending in a bit of gold flecks, so that afterwards your skin is left slightly shimmery and very moisturized. 

Another new product I spotted at Melanin Mermaid is one that is formulated for men. The super rich and creamy "Melanin Man" lotion is packed with good stuff.  The coconut oil is back again in this product, but it's paired with ingredients like Shea butter, vitamin E, almond oil and aloe vera (which gives the lotion it's light, fresh scent).  It's gentle so it's safe on freshly shaved skin, and will help keep his face moisturized all day. 

I personally use body butters to keep my own skin smooth.  Chanell has one for sale in her shop that I am eager to try.  It has a nice blend of coconut and almond oils, Shea butter, and it's scented with a nice lavender oil.  I use butters because I do get a lot of sun exposure which,  as I age, tends to leave my skin pretty dry.  The thick and rich body butters seem to absorb well and last longer than ordinary lotions.  Melanin Mermaid's Coco Calm Body Butter is next on my list to try, and I'm sure I'm going to be happy with the smoothing results it will bring.  

I also enjoyed the blog posts from Chanell that give out good information on ingredients, how to use certain products, including some very nice photos,  so while you visit the site be sure to check out what's new on her blog.  The website is easy to navigate, and ordering from Melanin Mermaid is a breeze.  I'm looking forward to seeing what else Chanell creates for her line, which had it's debut just this month. 

My recommendation?  Give the Coco Calm Body Butter a try.  With so many benefits packed into one all natural skin care product, you can't go wrong with this one! 

The 5 Suspect Ingredients That Could Cost the Beauty Industry $20 Million

The recent buzz around Wen Hair Care — and the Food and Drug Administration’s warning that its cleansing conditioners have generated thousands of consumer complaints about rashes and bald spots — has refocused attention on the potential dangers of beauty products. It’s also reignited debate around proposed legislation that could tighten up FDA oversight of such products and their ingredients.
Chief among those to be scrutinized are five suspect chemicals, including formaldehyde and lead, commonly found in cosmetics — from CoverGirl, Neutrogena, Vaseline, Almay, Coppertone, Aveeno, and many more major brands, available at pretty much any major retailer across the country.
The proposed bipartisan bill, cosponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and currently awaiting committee hearings, would amend the FDA’s Cosmetic Act — last updated, unbelievably, in 1938, and basically leaving the entire makeup and skin-products industry unregulated.
Feinstein got behind the bill after learning about the EU’s banning of more than 1,300 chemicals from personal care products — and how the United States, by comparison, has banned only 11 ingredients, including mercury and chloroform. The new law would give the FDA the authority to test cosmetics’ ingredients and issue mandatory recalls for products found to have toxins. It would also require a company to report any known serious adverse health effects to the FDA within 15 days.
Smaller companies, including Wen and Mary Kay, are fighting the measure, noted a recent New York Times article, while bigger players, such as Johnson & Johnson and Revlon, support the bill. And while that might seem ironic, considering the ingredients used by major brands, they are the companies that can afford to pay the reported $20 million in proposed annual fees that would help cover the cost of testing five different ingredients each year.

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