Small Batch Organic Skincare from Nature Works Laboratories

What do I love more than organic all natural skin care?  That would be a trusted and pure ingredient skin care line with a great price.  Right now, Nature Works Laboratories, a popular and well known Australian brand, is having a big sale on nearly all of their products while they phase in new packaging design!

Nature Works Laboratories makes their products in small batches using the purest ingredients and best formulations so that they are not only safe but they are also potent and work well. All of the skin care products they create are vegan, made with cruelty free standards, and are approved by PETA.  A few items in their line stand out as favorites, and right now you can get them for a very good sale price.

It's that time of year when my skin has it's driest, and I want my skin looking good for spring.  The Facial Moisturizer with Organic Essential Oils, part of the Bohemian line, is perfect for my problem. It's formulated with all the right oils, such as Rose Hip and Lavender, as well as Aloe and Shea butter, to get my skin soft and smooth again.  

I would also recommend Nature Works Laboratories' Nurturing Essential Oil Body Lotion.  It's another good product to get my skin ready for swimsuit season.  This moisturizer has several good-skin oils in it such as Avocado Oil, Macadamia Oil, Tangerine Peel Oil, Litsea Cubeba Oil, and Cedar Bark Oil. Their lotion works well when used after applying one of their serums to seal it in and moisturize all at once.  

And speaking of serums, they have a nice Ascorbic Acid Rejuvenating Gel Serum with Rose Quartz. It's made with hyaluronic acid that absorbs into the skin and works to attract water and deeply moisturize the skin.  I use a serum once or twice a week, but this one is gentle to use every day.  

There are a couple of added bonuses when purchasing from Nature Works Laboratories.  They bless their products with Reiki healing energy and  many are infused with Rose Quartz crystal.  In addition, as you can see from the photos, several of the products in the line come with wearable Bohemain style jewelry.  

The current sale is on until the products are gone.  The sale prices can't be beat!  And keep an eye out for the new packaging that is coming out soon. 

Top Spring and Summer Beauty Picks from 100% PURE Vegan Cosmetics

If you’ve ever wondered if those kale-crazed vegans are using berries for lipstick and avocados for moisturizers, well, you might be onto something! 
One cosmetics company that makes several repeat performances in my vegan makeup bag is 100 Percent Pure.  100% Pure is a vegetarian company based out of the Bay Area that never tests on animals.  (All of their products are vegan, except for those that use honey.)  With no artificial colors or fragrances, the ingredients are things like pomegranate, avocado butter, and flax seed oil.  In terms of preservatives, you’ll find natural ingredients like thyme, oregano, or Japanese Honeysuckle. And with all the summer perfect colors and blends, they make the perfect addition to my makeup bag. 
After using their cosmetics for quite some time, four vegan products from their line really stand out and have become my favorites. And here is why!
Super Fruits Healthy Foundation:  This foundation goes on smooth.  It doesn’t offer a ton of coverage, but for a natural daytime look, especially in summer, it evens skin tone without drawing attention to itself.  Although there’s always a worry when switching cosmetics that breakouts may be an issue, this foundation has never given me a problem. It takes the heat and lasts as well. 
Healthy Flawless Skin Foundation Powder: To finish the foundation, I use this lightweight powder.  I find that during the winter months, powder isn’t really necessary.  However, during the summer when sweat is an issue, it’s helpful for keeping a fixed look. It's easy to use, doesn't cake up on my skin, and of course it's all natural. 
Fruit Pigmented Strawberry Blush:  I am currently wearing this blush in the shade of Strawberry, and the top ingredients are fruit pigments of blackberry, pomegranate, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, and cherry.  The blush has a bit of shimmer to it and doesn’t go on too dark.  I like the way this color gives my cheeks a healthy looking summer color. 
Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze:  This lip glaze is creamier than a typical lipstick but not as sticky as a gloss.  It’s made with cocoa butter and avocado butter for moisturizing. It gives a natural color that doesn’t look painted on.  Because of this, it does require reapplication throughout the day.  

Organic and All Natural Beauty Products
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