Dermaka Cream: A Unique Natural Healing Cream

Having surgery of any kind, or an injury, can be a traumatic experience for both the mind and the body. Once surgery is over, there is often a long and uncomfortable post-operative healing time that can be difficult to get through.  There are a lot of things we can do to promote healing and quicken the post injury or post surgery process.  One way many people are helping themselves to heal is by using a topical cream to aid the skin in the healing process.  I'd like to introduce you to an all-natural version of this type of cream. 

Dermaka cream is a combination of powerful plant extracts and oils that have been chosen for their ability to reduce redness, bruising, irritation and swelling, and counteracting the inflammatory response of the skin.  A well known surgeon developed Dermaka cream.  There are many benefits to choosing an all natural version of this type of cream, including the fact that it presents very few side effects, in addition to being chemical and irritant-free.  A surgeon developed this cream and clinical studies are available that show a reduction in bruising and redness after use.  

Several very important ingredients work hard to quickly heal the skin. Ingredients include Chamomile for it's anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, while Green Tea extract, a well know anti-oxidant, will keep skin damage at bay.  Licorice extract will reduce any discoloration of the skin surface.  Arnica montana flower extract lessens the damage from bruising and also helps to reduce skin discoloration. 

There are also several essential oils added.  The oils provide several benefits to the skin during the healing process. Olive oil will moisturize and smooth the skin without irritation. Vitamin A is included in the form of Retinyl Palmate.  Retinyl Palmate is a strong anti-oxidant and will help regenerate the skin surface.  

A few of the types of surgeries and procedures that Dermaka can help  heal include thermal ablation, whether used for cosmetic procedures or to prep skin for drug delivery.  Injuries with stitches and scars benefit from use as well.  There are several before and after shots of patients who have used the cream for just these types of procedures on their website. 

All of the ingredients are blended into a rich, unscented cream. The product is very easy to use.  It is recommended that Dermaka cream be applied three times daily, or follow a medical providers instructions.  Massage it lightly into the injured area and you are good to go.  The product will absorb well into the skin with no oily finish.  Dermaka does warn patients that the cream ias not meant to be used on open wounds, and they recommend you check the ingredients list to prevent any allergic reactions. 

Dermaka cream is easy to find.  It can be purchased through surgical centers and medical professionals, as well as being available for purchase online.  They provide a list of individual doctors that carry the cream as well.  It comes in a 4 oz. jar and I felt it was reasonably priced compared to the other healing creams, which in addition to being higher priced, contained several chemical ingredients.  

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