Lush Cosmetic's Mask of Magnaminty

I am not a typical "I love everything Lush" type of girl. I tried to love it, but I found that a lot of the products were either too messy, didn't keep well or just smelled a bit crazy. So for me to recommend a Lush product means that in my opinion it actually does something, or smells amazing and it will not take you 20 mins to enjoy and 30 mins scrubbing micro glitters out of your tub (i.e. some of those damn bath bombs!) There are probably about 10 lush products that I really enjoy and today I am going to talk about one of them: Lush cosmetics Mask of Magnaminty!

This mask has given me one of the best, deepest, freshest cleanses I have ever received from a mask. It leaves my skin feeling tingly fresh - thanks to all the great mint- and actually quite vibrate looking. When I feel that my skin is starting to look a bit dull I slap this mask on for about 15-20mins wash of and ahh... glowing tingly fresh skin! I am not kidding when I say that my complexion looks better after a few uses. If you have blemishes and irritation and congestion in the skin I think that this mask might be worth a try.

It is quite a thick clay mask with bits in it - chunky bits that if you are not careful it will rub off and make a mess on the bathroom counter. Like most clay masks it takes a bit of work to get off you really have to use a lot of water - so I suggest putting on the mask before you shower and then removing it with a full stream of water from the shower nozzle - sink can be done but I am just sharing with you what I found easiest.

So the down low: The mask is great -but it is strong! if you have sensitive skin and it reddens easily I would maybe say stay away form this product. When it goes on it is soo strong and deep cleaning that it actually tingles quite a bit. I actually like the feeling because I feel that it is really working - but I wouldn't want you to come out looking like a lobster!! The great thing about Lush skin care is they give samples - so if you are unsure about your skin type - or even the mask its self you can get a bit try it and see if it is a great match for you.


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