Certified Organic Skin Care

After many months of searching for the best organic skin care line I stumbled upon Miessence. Miessence is 100% Natural and most of their products are Certified Organic. From cleansers to toothpaste this line has it all. I ordered about 6 of their products and so far so good.

The cleanser is gentle and has a great smell and really seems to clean my face. As a guy I haven't washed my face in about 5 years because it would always cause break out. This time was different. I washed my face then followed that up with moisturizer which left my face smooth as a baby's butt.

The toothpaste is incredible. The mint toothpaste makes my teeth feel super clean and lasts all day. Plus for the first time I know I am not brushing with chemicals.

So the best for last the deodorant. Miessence deodorant is ranked #1 in the goodguide.com for being the safest and best on the market. It not only works as a deodorant but keeps me from sweating as well.

Miessence also carries a house cleaning agent and carriers one of the safest baby lines in the world. If nothing else it is worth the baby products due to the high toxicity level of baby washes and other products used for babies.

In this world I believe paying a little bit more money for organic products not only helps the user but the planet as well. By buying organic we make less chemicals and pollute less.

I love this line and recommend every product they have.
Check out their products at; http://www.projectorganic.com

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