How Are Organic Baby Skin Care Products Different?

Everyone has their own ideas about what is best for their baby which is one of the reasons the new organic trend is now being seen with baby skin care products. A growing number of individuals believe natural products are vital for a healthy happy baby and that natural is the only way to go. There are definite benefits to using natural or organic products which are made from ingredients that come straight from the earth including plants and oils. No chemicals are used and the products are prepared and preserved with altering the natural integrity of the ingredients.

Plants have for years been used by naturalists as well as mainstream medicine for their beneficial properties. Each plant produces oil that can be extracted and used to improve our bodies and minds. A few of the ingredients found in organic are as follows:

1. Chamomile is known to be a natural anti-allergen, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic therefore it is effective for healing and soothing the skin. Certain varieties are also known to have a calming effect.

2. Lavender is world renowned for its healing properties, in particular its ability to promote cell regeneration. It is also a powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Lavender when inhaled is also known to calm and promote restful sleeps.

3. Calendula, know to most as the marigold is a potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral and an anti-inflammatory, it is very efficient in treatment of cuts, abrasions and diaper rashes.

4. Jojoba which is said to be very similar to the skin's naturally produced sebum is an excellent lubricant, moisturizer, and skin protectant.

5. Aloe Vera is widely recognized for its healing properties because of its ability to accelerate cell growth and pain relieving properties. Aloe Vera is also absorbed by the skin four times faster than water so it is beneficial as a carrier ingredient.

A baby's skin is very delicate which makes organic skin care products a desirable choice for many because they do not contain chemicals and therefore a skin reaction is less likely. Mainstream products use surfactants to essentially produce the foaming action however surfactants are also proven to be skin irritants. Skin reactions can cause a burning, itching, or rash and can also progress into a skin infection if an irritant is used over a prolonged period. If you suspect this is the case see your Doctor or health nurse for assistance.

The variety and selection of organic skin care products has exploded in recent years. A few of these products include shampoo, lotion, soaps and body wash, diaper rash treatment, laundry detergent, and teething medication. Ultimately any product that touches your baby's skin can be found in the organic baby skin care section.

Not everyone will buy organic skin care products for there newborn this is all a personal choice. 
The main goal however remains the same and that is to purchasing skin care products which are free of harsh ingredients including perfumes and alcohols. Always seek out the blandest and gentlest products that you can find because their skin is five times as thin and the harsh chemicals found in products aimed at adults can cause severe irritation.

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