Tips for Controlling Acne in Adults Naturally

Although commonly thought of as a condition which affects teenagers and young adults, acne in adults is a common and often embarrassing affliction. Fortunately, there are a number of effective and natural treatments available.

Originating in Australia, tea tree oil has been shown to tackle mild to moderate acne breakouts. A low-cost serum can be found in most health food stores. Although most beneficial when applied directly to the affected skin, some users will find the harsh smell and slight burning sensation to be bothersome. For those individuals, many products feature tea tree oil in a diluted form. Although it is considered a natural remedy, users should always take care when using it for the first time to determine the onset of any adverse affects.

The Zeno Hot Spot is another option for handling acne in adults. This blemish-clearing tool is meant to fit in the palm of a hand, so it is great for traveling. Its electronic components deliver a safe blast of concentrated heat to the desired area, which helps to kill the bacteria associated with acne. The device features a series of lights, which act as a signal to users. Certain colors and numbers of lights inform when it is safe to apply the unit to the blemishes, and since users are recommended to apply the heat to the area for a specific amount of time to ensure maximum effectiveness, a beeping noise lets users know when to remove the device.

Lush Cosmetics is a company which specializes in naturally derived beauty products. Many of their current product offerings are specifically formulated to help combat acne breakouts and manage facial oil levels. One of their newer, but most popular, items is a serum called Grease Lightning. Herbal ingredients such as rosemary, witch hazel and thyme specifically target problem areas so quickly that users can feel the compound start to work as soon as it is applied. The product is stored in a pump-style bottle, which allows users to easily apply it to the desired areas using nothing more than a fingertip. This ensures precise, hassle-free application, so that users can enjoy maximum benefits.

Another Lush Cosmetics product is called Dark Angels. Comprised of several ingredients including sandalwood and licorice, users apply the thick, mud-like substance directly to their face after adding a bit of water to turn the substance to the consistency of toothpaste, efficiently tackling oily skin and discouraging the formation of acne blemishes.
Although acne in adults can be very stressful, there are a myriad of products available for those who seek a natural cure for the condition.

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