Understanding Summer Skin - A Quick and Easy Guide

It is very important to understand the functions of your skin. The 'epidermis' which is the uppermost layer of the skin is in direct contact with the elements. A change in climate affects the skin, but also, a change in behaviours (i.e. - going from minimal sun exposure to lots of sun exposure). It will be beneficial if you understand how to care of your summer skin as skin conditions do increase during this time of the year.
The most common problem encountered when dealing with summer skin is 'peeling and flaking' skin. The epidermis has cells that is very regularly replaced by new ones. The older dead skin peels away, and new skin cells take its place. This peeling can be quite unsightly and unattractive. The use of light moisturizers and sun blocs or sun screen lotions can keep your arms and legs looking soft and silky instead of dry and flaky.
Keeping your skin looking fresh and healthy in the summer may involve taking lukewarm baths and moisturizing your skin soon after! This might surprise you, but the use of anti-bacterial soap can actually be a bad idea, because it kills friendly bacteria on your skin that destroys unfriendly organisms.
Summer skin care involves making sure that your skin has enough sebum production to ensure resistance to microbes. Letting your skin become dehydrated will result in chronic dryness and itching.
Your summer skin care routine can be easy and effective if you are particular and determined to follow it to have a beautiful glowing and problem-free skin. Dealing with an oily T-Zone is one of the most common problem that pop up in a summer skin care routine. And this gives rise to acne and blackheads that erupt on the forehead and nose. Cleanse the area using something light and foaming. A soothing and refreshing gel would also help keep the area clean. A natural soap or virgin coconut oil will do wonders in your summer skin care regimen!
Keep your skin luminous and young by using a Hydrophobic Sun block SPF 40 cream that is enriched with cobra saffron and mulberry extract, which helps to retain the natural moisture in your body. It won't harm you if you also use an extract of saffron and mulberry which fades away dark spots and pigmentation and makes your skin look lighter and fairer.
Pampering your skin can only help you reap a harvest of good times with a stunning, beautiful and clear complexion.
Mahogany H has spent a decade signed to top modeling agencies internationally. Her beauty insight and passion for skincare is channeled into an informative site aimed at helping acne sufferers get clear skin.

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