Jurlique Skin Care - Natural, Organic Skin Care Products Designed to Balance and Beautify Your Skin

The Jurlique skin care system is one of the leading lines of organic beauty products. And, if the makers of Jurlique have one driving philosophy, it's "beauty from beauty."
These products are 100% natural, made from all natural, or naturally derived, ingredients. They are free of artificial coloring and fragrances. They are also effective, giving users healthy, fresh, balanced skin.
Biodynamic Beauty Products
Jurlique products are made from plants and flowers, beauty found in nature, harvested from their own farms in South Australia. They are combined into what are called biodynamic blends, special formulas designed to bring your skin into balance, no matter what your skin type.
These products are made with natural, organic ingredients, like lavender, rose, licorice, calendula, and many other natural herbs and flowers, harvested from two farms in the Adelaide Hills.
Living Energy Blends
Life can be hard on your skin. Emotional factors like stress and fatigue, along with environmental factors like pollution and harsh weather, can send the natural balance of your skin out of whack. The results can be breakouts, fine lines, dry patches, and other skin problems.
The organically and biodynamically grown herbs and flowers from the Jurlique farms are combined to create custom blends, or living energy blends. What do these formulas do? They help to revitalize and re-energize your skin, restoring its natural balance.
Changing with the Times
One of the most interesting things about Jurlique products is that they are ever evolving, changing as new discoveries are made. For example, their Herbal Recovery Face & Eye Gel was once made with grape seed, green tea, and Turmeric. But they found the product was more effective and beneficial when they exchanged those ingredients with Panax ginseng root extract, and gingko biloba leaf extract.

This is a sure sign that this company is always looking for what will work best to help fill their customers' skin care needs.
Environment Friendly
Just as Jurlique is committed to making products using natural, organic ingredients, they are also committed to nature itself. Whenever possible, packaging is made from recycled materials, and the packing itself is recyclable.
Who Would Benefit from Using Jurlique Products?
Thanks to its all natural ingredients, Jurlique skin care products would benefit anyone with sensitive skin, who has found the chemicals used in other products to be harmful to their skin. They will also appeal to anyone interested in using products made from natural ingredients, and in ways that are environment friendly.
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Author, Cavyl Stewart - http://www.skincaretreatmenttips.com

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