The Truth About Cruelty Free Cosmetics and Skin Care Products They Don't Want You to Know

You might think that cruelty free cosmetics have never been tested on animals. But, that may not be the case. The US FDA has made efforts to clear up the confusion regarding cosmetic labeling. In most cases, the terms that you see are simply used to promote the product. They don't really "mean" anything.

Companies are not required to prove anything, before they use a marketing term like "natural", "hypo-allergenic" or "cruelty-free". The term implies that the ingredients have not been tested on animals, but most cosmetic ingredients have, at some point, been tested on animals. A better phrase to look for is "no new animal testing" or this company "does not conduct animal testing".

Phrases Can Be Misleading

Of course, even those phrases can be somewhat misleading. The company that you are buying from did not develop the ingredients. They buy the ingredients from a whole-sale distributor, combine them as they choose and package them. Then, they sell them to you. The wholesale distributors could conduct animal testing. There's really no way to know for sure, unless you do some research.

The Environmental Working Group

There are several groups that attempt to help consumers identify cruelty free cosmetics. But, some of them are only concerned about animal testing, while others are also concerned about the safety of the ingredients. The Environmental Working Group's "Skin Deep" program is concerned about both.

You see, cosmetic companies are not required to conduct clinical studies that would identify adverse or allergic reactions and according to the US FDA, 25% of all cosmetic users have had an allergic or adverse reaction, at one time or another. That's why many cosmetic ingredients were originally tested on animals, in the first place.

Testing Would Not Be Necessary

If the ingredients were natural and safe, sourced from vegetables, fruits and other things that people and animals eat, then testing on animals would not have been necessary. But, cosmetic companies wanted to use cheaper ingredients, most of which were sourced from petroleum by-products. They were afraid to test them on themselves. You know the rest of the story.

Look For Products That Were Tested On Humans

If you really want cruelty free cosmetics, then I have some advice. Look for a company that provides creams and lotions that were tested on humans, for effectiveness. There was never any question about the safety of the ingredients.

If they are truly cruelty free cosmetics, they will not contain artificial preservatives, fragrances, dyes or other additives. The solutions that we need to care for our skin are vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants. In other words, they are nutrients.

Natural And Highly Effective

The natural world abounds with these nutrients. They are found in avocados, grape seeds, the jojoba plant, honey, macadamia nuts, olives and passion fruit, among other foodstuff. They were originally identified by native healers, who did test them on themselves, before using them on their patients.

Just because these ingredients don't make the mistake of thinking they can't be effective. These natural ingredients are highly effective and will give you faster, longer lasting results than synthetic chemicals.

How To Look Better, Live Longer And Healthier

If we can get away from the synthetic chemicals of this world, we can live longer, healthier lives and look better. We can also have a clear conscience, knowing that what we use are cruelty free cosmetics that could never cause harm to an animal.

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