Happy Non-Toxic Christmas! Beauty Gifts That Show It Truly Is The Thought That Counts!

Imagine the scene. It is Christmas Morning and the family is congregating around the Christmas tree to unwrap their presents. You have just opened a beautifully wrapped, well-known make of bath foam and shower gel. Perhaps you have given a 'personal-care' gift yourself - some expensive designer 'after shave balm', or the latest 'celebrity' or 'fashion icon' branded perfumed body cream. The house has never smelled so fragrant as each recipient sprays this, or 'spritzes' that!

During such a happy family occasion - whilst you all enjoy the moment of giving and receiving, epitomizing the marketing man's mantra "because you're worth it" - how many of you will stop to think that the ingredients in your Christmas gift may potentially cause you a wide array of health problems.

Over the last 30 years more than 80,000 synthetic chemicals have been created, and given the 'all clear', for use in the production of many everyday goods. One area in which this is particularly true is the personal care and cosmetics sector. From shower crème to shampoo, from conditioners to toothpaste, from aftershave to mascara, almost all are made from a cocktail of synthetic chemicals.

Chemicals are used to make products foamier, or creamier, or more fragrant, and even to have a longer 'shelf-life'. Almost all off-the-shelf brands - whether a supermarkets 'basic' range right through to a high-class 'parfumiers' most expensive 'designer' label incorporate an array of dubious chemicals!

We now know that our much-abused skin absorbs up to 60% of what is rubbed, sprayed, plastered or lathered onto it. It is also now acknowledged that the 'chemical cocktails' we habitually use may potentially cause numerous health problems.

We live in an era when cancer rates have soared. The average risk of contracting one-or-other form of the disease during our lifetimes, in the UK, is now around one in three! Sadly, childhood leukaemia is also at an all-time-high. We have to begin to question the 'wisdom' of continuing to use products that may carry with them inherent health risks.

It is reckoned that the average adult uses around 9 personal products every day - exposing themselves to around 125 -130 different chemicals. With around one third of such products containing ingredients that have been classified as possible human carcinogens! It is, perhaps, little wonder that serious health issues have been inexorably rising.

So when gift shopping for your friends and family this Christmas take the time to hunt down some of the safer alternative products that are beginning to find their way to market. Choose products that are made only 100% natural ingredients if you can, and particularly those that have a recognized organic certification. Spread the word to your family too - and be sure you all enjoy a happier, and healthier Christmas this year.

Article by A. Graham Smith MSc BSc – The author has many years experience in the food industry and teaching students studying food production, nutrition and health at degree level. He now regularly contributes articles to the non toxic lifestyle website http://www.GoNandO.com where additional information about typical off-the-shelf skin care and cancer can be found. You can also claim a complementary copy of the latest Toxic Ingredients in Everyday Products 'Desktop-Directory' via the website, prepared by A Graham Smith.

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