3 New Spa Treatments for 2012

Treating yourself to a relaxing spa session is an excellent way of unwinding from the stresses of daily life. You may think you are familiar with every spa treatment under the sun but, looking forward to the New Year, we have discovered some innovative new methods that are being offered by spas around the world.
1) There is an increasing trend of some experimental spas beginning to offer multi-sensory treatment. One centre in Pennsylvania has started advertising something known as a Tibetan sound massage. Using Tibetan singing bowls, this intriguing new treatment is designed to 'balance the body' through vibrations from the traditional instrument. Another US resort puts an even greater emphasis on sound, combining the therapeutic effects of music, rhythm and the sounds of nature to assist relaxation. Perhaps even more intriguing is the resurgence in popularity of some ancient Ayurvedic treatments, which uses colour therapy to correct chakra imbalances. With otherwise traditional massage and sauna techniques now mixing light and sound together to create a very different kind of health experience, multi-sensory therapy certainly seems to be the new craze in spa treatment for 2012.
2) According to a new breed of 'coaching' practitioners, effective spa-like healing is even available on your computer screen. If you have been to a far-flung destination on holiday and visited a spa, it is now sometimes possible to continue your treatment at home. With coaches offering advice on everything from sleeping patterns to eyebrow grooming, you could choose to abandon traditional spas in favour of e-mail. Although these techniques could be an effective method of sticking to health routines you became familiar with whilst away, it is important to keep in mind that taking this option will mean you do the work - at a spa, it is all done for you!
3) If a 'starfish sparkle manicure' or 'ice-cream pedicure' doesn't sound quite like your sort of thing, that may be because they are two examples of new spa treatments that have been specifically designed for children. Spa sessions for under 18s are becoming increasingly common, with some resorts offering full days dedicated to their younger customers. There is a spa in Hawaii which also offers parents the chance to sign up for baby massage classes. This new brand of treatments does not yet seem to have caught on in Britain, but may be an interesting activity for your family to try if you are on a holiday in the US!
This article was written by Thom Sanders, on behalf of Titanic Spa, who offer spa seekers the opportunity to pamper themselves with a luxurious - if more traditional - spa break.

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