Brazilian Blowout Dangers

The original Brazilian Blowout Process was developed as a keratin hair straightening system meant to eliminate hair frizz and promote health, shine, and beauty. The treatment is a long-term, but temporary, solution that lasts from ten to twelve weeks, depending on the texture of the hair.

The actual salon process involves multiple steps of rinsing, product application, straightening, and drying. During the process straightening irons are used to seal the protein rich product into the hair cuticles, which helps sustain health and beauty. The end result is between fifty and eighty percent straighter hair and improved hair health (again, depending on the texture of the hair).

Brazilian Blowout Legal Issues

After gaining fame in its country of origin, Brazil, the system found a base in the United States. Unfortunately this is when much of their legal and health troubles began. In 2007 Allure Magazine published an article that described the effects of the carcinogenic chemical formaldehyde found in the proprietary products used in Brazilian Blowout treatments. It detailed the possible connection between the product's use and the death of a Brazilian woman who had performed the treatment. Since its introduction to the United States multiple class action lawsuits have been brought against the company. These seek payment for damages caused by the use of the products.

In 2010 the state of Oregon's Occupational Safety and Health Administration began receiving complaints from stylists who had been using the product. These people claimed to have suffered from nose bleeds, respiratory distress, and eye irritation. The Oregon OSHA performed tests and found levels of formaldehyde of over ten percent. There is a legal limit of 0.2 percent concentration of this chemical in cosmetic products.

In August of 2011 the United States Food and Drug Administration released the results of their own testing. These results lead the FDA to issue a warning letter to the company. In the letter they asked the company to stop marketing their products as "formaldehyde-free" because it is untrue and misleading.

Brazilian Blowout Zero

The company maintains that their product is absolutely safe, and that the governmental tests and regulations are based on faulty evidence and questionable methods.

Regardless of their stance, the company released Brazilian Blowout Zero in the early fall of 2011. Zero is a reformulated version of their traditional Professional Smoothing Solution that is completely plant derived and releases no formaldehyde at any point of the treatment. It is touted as the next wave of Brazilian Blowout products and claims to be equally as effective as the original system.

The Zero after-care and styling products are the same as with the original system, since they have never come under scrutiny for containing any questionable materials. These include a Brazilian Blowout shampoo, conditioner, volume maximize, and much more. They are meant to be used in conjunction with the Brazilian Blowout process and claim to prolong the life of each application by continuing to infuse hair with essential proteins and protecting it against humidity.

Although the company has come under fire for questionable materials in their products, they stand firm in their belief that their system is safe and effective. The original Brazilian Blowout is still offered by many stylists, but the new Zero process is beginning to be the favored option for many consumers.

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