Why Should I Exfoliate?

Skin Exfoliation helps eliminate the upper layer of skin, which is composed of dead skin cells, dirt and body secretions. New skin cells are produced frequently within the deepest layers of skin and they can take up to 30 days to make it to the surface. The natural process of shedding old skin cells to allow for the fresh new skin cells can be delayed in numerous ways. Oily, dry, even aging skin has a hard time releasing the old dead skin cells to allow the penetrating new skin to surface.

There are numerous ways to help shed the stubborn, old, dead skin. The two most common ways to exfoliate are chemical and mechanical. Chemical skin exfoliation utilizes lotions, creams, pharmaceuticals, herbs, and numerous other organic and inorganic compounds. The other way to exfoliate is to use a mechanical apparatus to rid the body of built up skin flakes. A few of the tools used to exfoliate are metal foot files, course brushes, pumice stones, sponges, sandpaper files, loofahs, etc, etc..

Proper exfoliation via chemical or mechanical means can rejuvenate the skin, exposing fresh, soft, young skin. The benefits and advantages to skin exfoliation doesn't simply end with the appearance of the new healthy skin. The added benefits to exfoliation are less clogged pores, which can reduce the eruption of acne, blackheads and other skin protrusions as well as reducing the chance of infection and fungal activity.

Calluses usually develop when your skin decides it needs to protect itself from damage, such as wear from a particular spot on your shoes. Do not wear the skin in these spots away entirely-this opens your skin up to infection and potential blistering.

If you decide to get rid of calluses with a pumice stone, you should also eliminate what caused the callus to develop in the first place. This could mean getting a sole implant for your shoe, wearing different socks or getting a new shoe altogether. Make sure your shoes fit properly.

Regardless of what part of your body, exfoliation is essential to get rid of dry, flaky, and dead skin. Removing dead cells from the skin allows it to breathe and shine with health. Exfoliation followed by a moisturizing cream or lotion will ensure that your skin becomes smooth, soft, and conditioned.

Whichever way you choose to exfoliate, understand that you must know your body and use whatever way that works best for you. All bodies and skin types are as unique as the individual themselves, so treat your body kindly and gently and it will reward you with healthy, glowing, radiant look. Exfoliation will make your body feel good, which in return will reward you mentally and emotionally. If you have diabetes, or other conditions that cause circulatory problems or numbness, consult your health professional before trying any of these treatments for calluses or corns.

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