Aubrey Organics Lumessence Rejuvenating Eye Creme - Review

I started using Aubrey Organics Lumessence Rejuvenating Eye Creme with Liposomes the other day and have been so impressed I wanted to let you know.
I've enjoyed this product very much. It slides on the skin easily, penetrates, and keeps the area moist all day. But, I'll get to more of that later. First, an all-important question: What the heck are liposomes?
Thank heavens for Google, right? Turns out the liposomes are like little bubbles within a cell. The bubble walls are similar to a natural cell wall, but are actually created in a lab. They carry nutrients and other active ingredients to where you want them to be. According to the wisegeek website they work well for moisturizers because they increase the strength and effectiveness of the product.
Though they are created in a lab the liposomes in Aubrey Organics Lumessence Rejuvenating Eye Creme with Liposomes are made with a soy base. According the manufacturer, those liposomes deliver moisturizers and nutrients to your eye area and help those fine lines and wrinkles fade and become less noticeable.
And, this is impressive: According to Aubrey Organics, the oat protein in the eye creme has been "clinically proven to reduce fine lines by 34% and deep wrinkles by 57%."
Definitely sounds like a reason to try it, so I did.
It has a light rose scent, from their Rosa Mosqueta® seed oil, and it's pleasant to use, though those with aroma allergies will want to try it cautiously at first. I patted it in under my eye, on my crow's feet, and upward, as the directions indicated. So far, so good. It feels nice, isn't greasy, and doesn't show up on the skin. After some time to allow the product to soak into the delicate eye area I applied under eye concealer, and was happy with the result. The concealer went on smoothly and didn't have a tendency to settle into cracks as it had with some other eye creams.

I applied translucent powder to set the concealer and now, 5 - 6 hours later, it still looks good, feels moist, and fresh. I know now the same happens at the end of the day. It lasts. It only took a drop on each eye, and my eyes look and feel younger! What more could you ask from an eye creme?
The fact that it's vegan, has a number of organic ingredients and is not tested on animals makes me feel virtuous using it, and that's icing on the cake.

Allura Adelson has had an interest in healthy beauty for decades. She has explored the world of natural and organic personal care products, and has used investigative skills she learned as a journalist to study the subject. It is her aim to let you know what she's learned through her Blog, http://www.BestOrganicBeauty.com, where you can make the switch to organic skin care along with Allura as well as find information about terrific organic skin care, body care, and hair care. Allura is a concerned mother, and has been a meditation teacher since 1974. A healer since 2003, she created 100 alternative healing products that have been marketed under both the Grace Healing Arts and The Simplest Ways labels. She also publisheshttp://www.ImmortalGoddess.com, whose aim is to help you awaken the Goddess within

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