Five Natural Acne Remedies You Can Try at Home

Many teenagers and adults with bad acne have tired of using chemicals because of the side effects. Instead, people are increasingly turning to natural ways of treating acne. The advantages include the fact that you do not require a prescription, there is no suspicious advertising involved, and you can actually understand what it is you're using on your skin. Many of the natural acne treatment products also have the advantage of being inexpensive, with simple ingredients that you might already have at home or you can easily attain at your local grocery store. It is best to work from simple acne remedies up to the more complicated and involved natural acne treatments.

Whatever happens with your acne don't give up or get too discouraged! What works for one person may not work for everyone, but that doesn't mean that through trial and error you won't find something that works for you. Don't make the mistake of jumping from product to product, from promised solution to promised solution. Stay consistent in your approach to until you find what works for you. Hopping around simply confuses things and leads to more desperation and discouragement.

Enough with the negativity; here are five ways to get rid of acne naturally.

1. To begin with, use a mild antibacterial cleanser and wash your face twice daily. Simple natural cleansers are great for preventing your pores from clogging up. You need to remove all of the oil, make up, and daily grime that your skin acquires over the course of the day. It is important to remove makeup because some makeup traps in the skin debris that builds up. If you participate in sports or exercise frequently, the oil will accumulate more quickly on your skin.

2. Masks are a great way to get rid of acne and to smooth and clear your skin. One mask you can try out home consists of oatmeal and baking soda. One part of baking soda is combined with two parts oatmeal. Mix them using a small amount of water so that they create a paste. Cover your face with the paste and leave it on for approximately 20 min. you can mix a ground-up aspirin to help reduce inflammation. The oatmeal and baking soda will drain away pus on your face and will dry up the inflamed area.

3. Oil is a natural product body of our glands, but too much oil contributes to breakouts. Astringents help to reduce the buildup of oil that occurs over the course of the day. In astringent will also help to reduce inflammation and heal blemishes. Witch hazel is great natural astringent that does not have any side effects and will not aggravate your skin if used in moderation.

4. Tea tree oil is another way to get treat acne naturally. Tea tree oil helps to kill bacteria that cause the breakouts. You can dab the tea tree oil directly on your acne on your blemishes before you go to bed.

5. Use an anti-bacterial makeup cover to conceal your acne if it's inflamed. They might have to search around for a good one, but reviews on Amazon should give you some tips on which ones are the best.

Remember keep your hands off your acne. Picking helps to get rid of pus but it also spreads the infection, and will lead to more rather than less acne. The other thing you should bear in mind is that acne won't disappear within a day. You need to follow a treatment routine that's designed your type of skin. Unless you have a severe reaction to some form of treatment, try to give it a few weeks before you start making changes.

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