Top 3 Chemicals in Cosmetics That Could Ruin Your Skin

Bad skin care ingredients are all over the place. The most popular skin care companies use a multitude of unnatural substances in their products to reduce costs and increase shelf-life.

While some of these chemicals haven't been proven to be harmful, they have been proven to have the potential to cause damage to not only your skin, but your health as well.

We as consumers have to ask ourselves: do we really want to use a skin cream that contains potentially harmful ingredients? I know I certainly do not, which is why I have started using completely natural skin care products.

Here are three examples of chemicals you want to stay away from:

1. Parabens

Parabens are used as preservatives. They are very popular and are used in almost all skin care products out there. You can often even find them in so-called "natural" anti aging skin creams, so you really have to be careful as to what you're buying.

2. Mineral Oils

Mineral oils have been proven to clog your pores and cause anything from skin rashes to premature aging. Isn't it interesting that mineral oil is used in anti aging products? Why would they use an ingredient that has been believed to cause aging in a product that is supposed to prevent it in the first place?

3. Fragrances

While fragrances may smell good, they have been shown to have very serious side-effects. They can cause anything from depression and irritability to hyperactivity and problems with the central nervous system.

Are you starting to see why I only use the best natural products on the market today? Doing your research and educating yourself is the first step to achieving good looking skin.

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