Dr Hauschka Moisturizing Day Cream - A Solution to Dry, Damaged Skin?

With so many expensive moisturizers on the market, I was surprised to come across the reasonably-priced Dr Hauschka Moisturizing Day Cream and to see it receiving loads of praise from fellow users. With over forty years of experience in the skin care industry, Dr Hauschka Cosmetics focuses on creating a line of natural skin enhancers that provide added beauty to one's existing skin. Noting the great price and large amount of positive buzz surrounding the cream, I decided to give it a try. The cream will be evaluated to see if it balances the moisture content of the skin and whether or not it gives a color boost to my pale skin, which are two of the main claims made by the creators.
During this two week evaluation, the first test will be to see how well the Dr Hauschka Moisturizing Day Cream performs in balancing the overall moisture content of my face. Active ingredients in this product, such as apricot oil and witch hazel, are claimed to assist in this process. The application of the product occurred daily in the mornings, allowing the cream to absorb on freshly-cleaned skin. After doing so for a period of two weeks, my normally oily skin seemed to have decreased its oil output. My face feels moisturized throughout the day without becoming greasy in the later hours.
The second claim made by the makers of Dr Hauschka Moisturizing Cream is that it helps stimulate blood flow to the skin, providing a more rosy, live hue to one's face. While the first claim was observed over a two week period, this claim did not take the same amount of time to evaluate. Upon the first application, I waited around for several minutes to see if the sweet almond, olive and carrot oils were doing their magic by encouraging blood flow but I did not see any results. It was only after I looked in the mirror a couple of hours later that I realized that my skin was in fact more alive and appeared to have better blood flow throughout the facial area.
With the claims of this product living up to the tests of reality, it is now safe to discuss some minor concerns with the product. The combination of ingredients may cause initial irritation when applying to sensitive skin as it stimulates blood flow which creates a "swelling" effect. While I did not have any issues with this lotion, others may want to consider and account for a temporary period of irritation of their skin.

Any good moisturizer has its secrets as to how it works. What specific ingredients give this day cream such power? There are a couple of culprits, including:
* Jojoba oil - Used in many high-end moisturizing creams, jojoba oil supplies the skin with natural moisture that mimics the body's oils, signaling the skin to balance production
* Almond oil - Softens and increases moisture absorption capability of the skin
* Apricot oil - Provides an additional boost to the skin by softening it and also provides base essential peptides and molecules necessary for the skin's health
For those seeking more vivid skin with balanced moisture, this product certainly provides said benefits. This cream is excellent for younger and middle-aged individuals' skin and is a wonderfully-performing solution with natural ingredients. At just $60 for a 3.4 oz container, you are assured to get months of use out of this moisturizing cream. If a reasonably-priced, quality moisturizer has been on your wish-list or that of someone you know, consider picking up Dr Hauschka Moisturizing Day Cream and making some magic happen for your dry, damaged skin!
Still unsure about this product?
I know finding the perfect beauty product for your skin is a difficult task.
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