Zia Natural Skin Care Line of Products & A Review of Their Ingredients

The Zia natural skin care line includes anti-aging products for men and women. Here's a look at what the ingredients can do for your skin's health and appearance.
Let's start with the men's aftershave facial moisturizer. The use of a facial moisturizer rather than an alcohol-based aftershave is always a good idea.
Zia's aftershave moisturizer contains many nourishing and soothing ingredients. One that is missing is Witch Hazel. The natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity of witch hazel makes it the best solution to use after shaving. It was the standard in barber shops until the introduction of cheaper petroleum-based aftershaves.

Men with perfume or plant allergies should use this face lotion with caution. It contains a number of different plant fragrances including Eugenol and limonene, which are relatively common allergens.
The primary anti-aging ingredients are vitamin C and grape seed extract. It would be nice to see coenzyme Q10 included in the product. It is more effective for protecting against sun damage and helping to reverse it.
I cannot advice the use of the Zia natural skin care men's triple protection lotion SPF 15. It contains benzophenone 3 as one of the active ingredients. Also known as oxybenzone, the organic sunscreen has been strongly criticized since 1993. Researchers have shown that the compound can penetrate the skin and actually make it more sensitive to sunlight.
It also causes an increased production of free radicals, which are a cause of aging and play a role in skin cancer. Because of these facts, products sold in the European Union must bear a warning label to let consumers know that the ingredient is included. There is no similar regulation in the US.
The Zia natural skin care line for women includes a day and night cream , as well as a variety of masks and serums. Like the men's products, each contains plant fragrances that can cause allergic reactions in some people. Creams that are free of added fragrances are actually a better choice.
The value and safety of the regular use of sunscreens has been questioned by many sources. But, because the media has drawn so much attention to the value of sunscreens for the prevention of skin cancer, many cosmetic companies include a sunscreen ingredient in all of their products.
When it comes to the Zia natural skin care line, you have a choice. You can choose a cream with or without a sunscreen ingredient. My personal recommendation is to forego the use of sunscreen except when you expect to spend a great deal of time in the sun.
On those occasions, use a sun block containing zinc oxide. It is the only organic sun-block with a proven safety record. It cannot penetrate through the skin's surface. So, it cannot contribute to free radical damage like oxybenzone and other sun screening compounds.
There are better anti-aging ingredients (including coenzyme Q10) than those that are included in the Zia natural skin care line. This is not just my opinion. There are clinical studies to back me up.

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