Beauty Test Run: Honey Girl Organics Night Cream Review

After my friend gave me Honey Girl Organics Night Cream as a gift for helping her move, I decided to give it a try. I had never heard of this product, but my friend raved about it. Like most women, I have tried plenty of night creams and have spent a ton of money doing it. I was happy to get this cream for free, because I have had it with spending big bucks on creams only to be disappointed.

Honey Girl Organics Results:
My new found love has to be Honey Girl Organics Night Creme. It is definitely one of the most amazing facial night creams I have ever used. I used this product for about two months. I have to say I am definitely buying this product again. I have extremely dry skin, and Honey Girl Organics Night Cream definitely changed my dry flaky skin to radiant soft skin. My skin felt so soft, I couldn't keep my hands off my face. The dry skin around my forehead is completely gone.
Dry Skin and Honey Girl Organics:
As we mature in age, we begin to develop wrinkles that become more visible with time. This is natural and part of life. There are however, a variety of ways to reduce the appearance of fine lines on your face. Keep your skin's appearance as smooth and radiant as possible. Dry skin makes fine lines more noticeable, so really changes the look of fine lines. by making them appear softer and less noticeable. Make sure to apply moisturizer in the morning before you apply your makeup and at night after you wash your face. Honey Girl Organics does an amazing job at locking in the moisture and maintaining it. It really made my skin appear fully hydrated and flawless looking. The smell was not my favorite, but it was definitely tolerable. The best part of Honey Girl Organics is that it is completely organic. What can be better than that? Soft skin the natural way.
The only product I have tried was there night cream however they have a ton of other goodies to test out. All of there products are certified organic and made with natural ingredients such as honey and extra virgin olive oil. They carry lip balms, foo balm, body cream, facial scrubs, toners, and much more.
Org. extra virgin olive oil, Hawaiian purified water, org. beeswax, org, raw pupukea wildflower honey, d-alpha vitamin E, org, pollen, org. propolis, org. royal jelly, rose oil, essential oils.

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