Can Lipstick Make You Sick?

If you wear lipstick, chances are pretty good that you've never considered the possibility that doing so could make you sick. To be honest, for most people it won't. But for others, people who suffer from gluten allergy or celiac disease, it very well could.
Did you know that lipstick commonly includes gluten among its ingredients? I didn't until I started to research foods and items that contain gluten. Gluten, which is known among bakers for its ability to give bread its chewy texture, is also great at binding ingredients. Because of this, many cosmetics contain gluten.
While it may not be a big deal if eye shadow contains gluten, lipstick is a totally different matter for one simple reason. Lipstick can be ingested. And not just lipstick. Lip balms, lip glosses, or even lip liner all might contain gluten.
People who are either allergic to gluten or have celiac disease need to be aware of this. Although people don't eat lipstick, the fact that it is applied to the lips means that trace amounts can be ingested. Trace amounts may be all that is needed for the body to have a reaction to the gluten.
Not just women need to be aware of this. Men do, too. Men may not wear lipstick (well, most don't), but they may kiss women who do. Or, they may wear lip balm. Men who live gluten-free need to make sure the women in their lives, or their own personal lip products, are not going to cause them potential health problems.
Reading the ingredients for your favorite lip product is a good place to start. Look for any reference to wheat, since wheat contains gluten. But this may not be enough, or it may not be possible (when was the last time you saw a list of ingredients on a tube of lipstick?). If you do not know if a lip product contains gluten, contact the manufacturer, and hopefully they will be able to provide you with the information you seek.

If in doubt, you can seek out lipsticks that specifically state they are Gluten Free. Some brands that market their lipsticks as gluten-free include:
If you find a lipstick you like that is gluten-free, it is a good idea to buy more than one at a time. This will ensure that you have a backup tube, in the event that run out. Unless you live in a big city (and maybe not even then), you may have a difficult time locating gluten-free lipstick, so having a spare will keep your lips moistened and beautiful.

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