Arbonne Natural Skincare Review

Arbonne skincare was developed in 1980 as a solution for people looking for an anti-aging solution free of the potential problems of other, current products. The products were all-natural and claimed high effectiveness when used properly. Now, 30 plus years later, Arbonne stays true to their original focus which is providing consumers with botanically-based, all-natural skincare products.

Arbonne Products
Arbonne skincare is now a wide range of products for all ages, skin types and specific problems, like acne. Along with the variety of products, there are also a variety of prices. You can buy each item separately, or buy the whole product set at a discount.
One problem with Arbonne is they are sold through direct sales, which means you will need to find a current representative with in your area to order products. You may also be able to find the products you need on eBay, but these are not guaranteed by the company to be fresh or untampered with, so use caution and do your research before purchasing skincare through eBay. Each seller is responsible for their own products.
My Experience
I have had the opportunity to try Arbonne products, and overall found them to be good products. I bought, from the Anti-Aging line, the ARBONNE RE9 Advanced EXTRA MOISTURE Set 6 PIECE KIT . This set retails for $300.00 and is said to be their most popular product line. The set includes Renewing Creme Hydrating Wash, Restoring Mist Toner, SPF 8 Day Creme, Eye Creme, Reactivating Facial Serum and Night Creme.
I used the entire line, even though I believe an effective skincare regimen can only include cleanser, occasional exfoliation, and moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher. Incidentally, I was bummed that the Day Creme only had SPF 8. I find a higher SPF more desirable.
The aim of the products is to address the after-effects of sun exposure. They are designed to help skin rejuvenate and heal from sun exposure and damage.
I was happy with the Hydrating Wash and the Eye Creme especially. The Renewing Creme Hydrating Wash removed my makeup and left my skin feeling clean but not tight. The Corrective Eye Creme did leave my eyes looking a bit brighter, tighter and moisturized.

The Day Creme was fine, but I would prefer to buy a product with SPF 15. The Reactivating Facial Serum was actually too rough for my skin, and I do not have the amount of fine lines and wrinkles that may be necessary to see improvement. It left me with a burning sensation and redness. To be fair, I didn't try it a second time!
The Restoring Mist Toner is a typical toner. I have dry skin and don't usually use a toner, but I did use this one twice a week. Tight, red skin for a couple hours but it would settle down. I didn't notice any overall change when I used or didn't use it.
The Night Creme was more moisturizing and "heavy" than the Day Creme, which it should be. However, when I used it I wound up breaking out here and there which is extremely unusual for me. I'd also rather use something more fast absorbing before bed.
The Verdict...
As you can see, the products are designed with specific needs and treatments in mind, and while I did enjoy a couple of the products, I would not spend $300 on the whole set. I would, however, buy the Renewing Creme Hydrating Wash and the Corrective Eye Creme separately.
Arbonne skincare has many long-standing and satisfied clients. Will you be one?

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