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Burt's Bees gluten-free products are well known for quality. The company uses effective natural ingredients to create unique personal care products, many of which are free of gluten. In the last few years, some customers with gluten issues have had difficulty understanding which products were safe for them. If you've purchased any of their products recently, you've seen the changes they've made in their labeling and gluten information.
Burt's Bees does not provide a gluten-free list of their products. However, they now have a pretty clear labeling format in place. Any ingredient that could possibly contain or be contaminated by gluten is clearly labeled with the ingredient source (like "wheat" or "oats"). Another important note - even vitamin E is gluten-free. Anytime it's derived from a wheat ingredient source, it's clearly labeled as "wheat germ oil", or whatever. For example, one of their cleansers has avena sativa (oat) kernel oil and flour in it, which is one you need to avoid. It's so simple now!
Please check any current Burt's Bees products you have for gluten ingredients. Some favorite products may have been safe, then not safe, and may now be safe again. It's just a reminder of how important it is to double check before you purchase anything. And if you are ever unsure of something you've purchased in the past, throw it out and purchase something new. It's more important that you avoid damage to your digestive system than to worry about a little "wasted" product. I know, being frugal is important (especially since gluten free food items are usually more expensive than their gluten counterparts), but your health matters more than a few extra dollars spent getting the right thing.

I have used Burt's Bees products since the earliest days of our family's gluten-free transition. Daily Cleanser smells like a delicate floral bouquet. The Radiance Day Lotion absorbs quickly so I don't have to wait to put my makeup on. My middle daughter and I use their famous lip balm every single night before bed during the fall and winter months (when chapping gets pretty bad). The Lip Shimmers have just the right amount of color and moisture, and my daughters love to use them (and when I kiss my husband, I know he won't accidentally get "glutened" by me). Anyone with strong sensitivities to gluten will appreciate knowing they can be completely safe. I do know that some people have expressed frustration because they felt like they didn't get a straight answer regarding the source of Vitamin E in the past. But now, because of the labeling change described above, all you need to do is check out the label.
Burt's Bees gluten free products are a great choice because they are enjoyable to use, they are reasonably priced, and they are labeled in a simple straightforward manner. 


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