3 Favorite Natural Skin Care and Cosmetic Brands

The skin is the largest organ of the body, so it pays to treat it well. One effective way to keep the skin looking its best is by indulging in natural skin care. Natural-skin care does not use any chemicals or synthetic ingredients in the mix. Instead, formulas are crafted with botanicals and other natural ingredients for skin that is clean, soft and young looking. For some, this means mixing combinations at home, but many companies today also make some excellent commercial products that use only natural ingredients. We will take a look at some of the top names today.
Yonka has been synonymous with high quality, natural-skin care since the company began in 1954. Yonka originated with three French brothers who had a passion for using botany in skin care formulas. This trio introduced aromatherapy and phytotherapy to the natural skincare market, along with a collection of Mediterranean essential oils that became the basis for their collections. The company has continued to be family owned and operated, with clients all over the world enjoying the benefits this natural skin-care line offers.

Unlike Yonka, Bioelements is a relative newcomer to the natural skincare scene. This company was started in 1991, by an esthetician who was interested in creating top quality skin care products for both professional and home use. The advantage to using Bioelements products is that you receive the same effective ingredients in your home skin care regimen as you do in the salon. Formulas are carefully blended with the most potent ingredients available to address everything from the early signs of aging to the occasional acne breakout. Bioelements uses both botanicals and scientifically engineered ingredients for the most effective formulas. However, you will never find artificial dyes or fragrances in any of the Bioelements natural skin-care line.

Pevonia Botanica is another natural skincare company that takes their responsibility a step further. In addition to restricting their formulas to high-quality botanicals and organic extracts, this company does no research on animals and ensures that all of their manufacturing practices are environmentally friendly. This commitment filters right down to the biodegradable packaging included with all of its products. This company never uses harmful substances like parabens or artificial dyes in any of their products. The lines are specially blended to suit each specific skin type for best results. Products are available for every age, skin type, and gender.

Natural skin care used to take hours in the kitchen, whipping up formulas with ingredients found right in your own pantry. While you can still find effective natural skin care recipes, many prefer the convenience of commercial products with equivalent combinations. Thanks to companies like Yonka, Bioelements and Pevonia Botanicals, you can find high quality- all natural skin care in formulas that are ready to use. Natural skin care products are the perfect choice for treating your skin firmly but gently for the most beautiful results.


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  3. I really like the Pevonia Botanica stuff. The fact that they use biodegradable packaging and do no animal testing is just icing on the cake!

  4. I'm always a fan of natural skin care products. Too many people abdicate the responsibility to think for themselves and place all their trust in a Doctor (as though he is a God).
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