It's No No to Nanoparticles in Your Sunscreen

When we were kids we didn't think much about the effects of playing in the sun. Now there's usually a bottle of sunscreen by the door and children aren't allowed out in the nice weather without a generous coating of the stuff.
Skin Cancer from exposure to the sun is a serious risk. Luckily it can be prevented if we cover-up and wear sunscreen. But wearing sunscreen can create a new problem and all sunscreens are not made the same.
Conventional sunscreens have suspected carcinogens like DEA and TEA. Add on parabens, benzophenone, homosalate and octinoxate which research has linked to hormone disruption and PABA which can cause a skin rash and we have a chemical cocktail that causes concern.
But that's not all, now they've added Nanoparticles to the mix, to make the sunscreens we use more transparent.
As you can guess from the name, these particles are very tiny. Because of their size they can easily penetrate skin, especially the skin of a baby or toddler, which is thinner than that of an adult.
Since babies and toddlers are more vulnerable than adults and because the jury is out on the effects of Nanoparticles...it's no no to Nanoparticles.
We can't keep our kids inside all summer long, so here's a few good options you could consider using when you slather up:
Bright white Zinc Oxide (like the lifeguards use)
California Baby SPF 30+ SPF 30+
Baby Avalon Natural Sunscreen
Alba Botanica
Jason's Chemical Free Sunblock

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Now go have fun in the sun.

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