Spring Clean Your Beauty Bag! Pack It With All Natural Essentials

Spring is a great time of year, when everything starts fresh and new and the season gives us all a hopeful outlook. We spring clean our homes, prepare our yards, wash the car, get out the spring clothes and shop for new outfits. Why not spring clean your beauty bag as well? Update those old summer colors, try a few new products, and prepare to face the season with a fresh, beautiful look.

Start with the basics. Cleaning and maintaining your makeup brushes and other beauty tools is the first step to creating your spring look. Makeup brushes need to be clean! Dirty brushes spread oil and bacteria back on to your face, causing breakouts. Mix gentle facial cleanser soap into a bowl of warm water. Brushes should soak for several minutes. When rinsing the brushes, squeeze them gently, so as not to pull out the hairs. Blot your brushes dry with a towel, and store them to dry by standing them with brushes facing up. Any metal tools, such as eyelash curlers, can be washed with the same cleanser, but should be dried quickly with a towel to preserve the tool. Your beauty bag is probably like mine, pretty dirty on the inside, so wash it as well, or consider replacing it with a pretty spring makeup bag in your favorite bright colors.
Makeup does not last forever. We know that mascara dries out and gets clumpy when it's past its prime, and so does your eye shadow and foundation as well. Throw away any old cosmetics. Old cosmetics can carry bacteria, as well as not performing the way it had in the past. Look for colors that have changed or liquid products that have separated. Old nail polish will go on gooey and never dry! Throw it out!
Spring skin care is lighter and easier in the spring. Take that heavy moisturizer out of your bag and replace it with a lighter, sheerer moisturizer. Lighten up on your body cream as well. As the warm weather comes, lighter scents should be chosen. Our bodies send off fragrances more strongly when we are warm, so choose a light scent that doesn't overpower everyone in the room. Now is a good time to lightly exfoliate your skin in preparation for spring and summer clothes. Throw a nice body scrub into your bag in fresh scent, and then follow with a light moisturizer that includes a self tanner for a touch of color.
When replacing your old makeup, head to the cosmetics counter and check out the new spring colors for this year. Whether you are at a department store or the drugstore, cosmetic companies often make it easy for us by packaging their new seasons' colors in kits. Blush, lipstick and eye shadow are all color coordinated in these kits, with some kits including nail polish as well. Light, sheer nudes are in this year. Violets and pinks are everywhere, fresh off the runway.
Tuck your heavy winter foundation away, and instead select a tinted sheer moisturizer, or water based liquid foundation. It's important to pay attention to color selection with your spring foundation. Your skin changes with the seasons, and you may need to adjust to a darker or lighter shade. Consider mineral makeup as well. It is much lighter on the skin, easy to apply and touch up, lasts a long time, and is great for your skin.

Sunscreen should be in every woman's beauty bag. In fact, do not throw it out or put it away. Wear sunscreen year round. In the winter use it on your hands, face, neck and forearms. In the spring we wear less, so cover up with your favorite sunscreen. Here again, choose a light scent. It may be a good idea to invest in a separate facial sunscreen, as they are sheer and tend to not make skin as oily. Facial sunscreens can double up as a daily moisturizer to be worn under your foundation.
Finish up spring cleaning your beauty bag by dropping in a small spray bottle of witch hazel and a few cotton balls. Spray the witch hazel onto your face during the spring season to freshen and help hold your makeup application. Witch hazel is refreshing and enhances your fresh, dewy, spring look.
Once your bag is clean and filled with your new spring colors, you're on your way to a great spring season!

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