Avoid Mosquitoes Naturally - How To Repel Mosquitoes Without Bug Spray

I hate mosquitoes. As far as I am concerned, God only created them to be a food source for birds. I have scratched sores in myself from the itching of bites. For my daughter, the problem is worse. She is allergic and gets large swollen areas from the bites along with the itching.
The chemical DEET (N,N-diethyl-toluamide), found in products such as Cutter or Deep Woods Off, is probably the single most effective active ingredient in repelling mosquitoes. However, there are a few downsides to using DEET to keep the mosquitoes away. First, all these products smell bad. Second, all these products leave an oily residue on your skin that I personally find unpleasant. Third, DEET is certainly toxic if ingested and frequent use may carry some health risks.
What are your alternatives to DEET? Here are some remedies worth considering.
1. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has vetted two additional repellents: picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus . These are less obnoxious to use than DEET, although they are probably a bit less effective at keeping the biting mosquitoes away. Products containing picaridin include Bayrepel and Autan.
2. Light a citronella candle. The citronella released into the local area repels mosquitoes. You can also use citronella oil on your skin as a repellent.
3. Marigolds are plants that mosquitoes avoid. It stands to reason that planting these flowers around your house will help reduce mosquitoes in the area around your home. Basil is also said to have a similar effect, and it has the advantage of being a useful herb for cooking as well.
4. Use vanilla as a repellent. Pure vanilla is said to repel mosquitoes. But you need pure vanilla extract used at about a 50% concentration, and be sure to buy only natural vanilla, not the synthetic chemical version. Test it on your skin in a small area first to make sure you do not have sensitivity to vanilla.
5. Vicks VapoRub, believe it or not, is an old woodsman's trick for repelling mosquitoes. I know a fisherman in Kentucky who swears by this remedy. According to him, it also keep gnats and other insects away.
6. Eat garlic or rub garlic on your skin.
Apparently mosquitoes do not care for garlic. The problem is that a lot your friends can't stand the smell of garlic either. I admit that I don't use this method, but I have included it for completeness. You can decide if the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.
These six tips will help you avoid mosquito bites using natural alternatives and
without resorting to DEET-containing sprays or lotions. Test some these to find out which ones work best for you and become both mosquito-free without the use of toxic chemicals.

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  1. I have discovered that a drop of Fennel oil placed directly on the affected area of the mosquito bite instantly stops the itch!


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