How to Use BB Cream Effectively

There is a new popular facial care foundation or balm in the market. It is widely known as BB Cream. This stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Base. Germany was the one that developed it which started in the 1950s to help patients who underwent laser surgery. It was also known to help rejuvenate the skin and help in reducing scars. Its popularity started in Korea when celebrities started using it. Its popularity then spread to Japan and the rest of Asia following Europe and the West.

There are many creams available in the market since so many companies are making their own brands. The biggest selling point the cream has is that it substitutes a variety of cosmetic products, you would otherwise have to individually buy. These products are among others: foundation, sun block, anti-aging cream, and more. With BB Cream you just need one product!
The cream usually comes in a few colors to choose from. Find one that fits your skin color best. Here are a few tip for applying BB Creams. 

1. Use a moisturizer especially if your skin is dry. Regardless of what the tube says, it is advisable to put moisturizer to condition the skin.
2. Apply the cream with your fingers because it's easier to even it out. Blend the cream into your skin.
3. Use it as a concealer. It works well under the eyes. Start with those areas first and then blend the cream into the rest of your face.
4. Let the cream dry before applying powder for better results. Putting powder might help the BB cream stay on longer.
5. Mix the cream with your foundation especially if you have a darker color skin. This will work just fine and have the same effect even if you use your foundation. This is the remedy if you find difficulty in finding a shade for your skin.
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