Professional MOP Hair Conditioner Product Review

Finding organic products that provide premium results can be difficult and Modern Organic Products prides itself in creating environmentally friendly formulas that still leave hair extremely healthy and beautiful.
Modern Organic Products understands that keeping hair hydrated and nourished is the key to silky, smooth hair and that is why all of their products are packed with moisturizing ingredients. They have created a premium line of conditioners that restore and repair. Finding conditioners that work with your hair type can be tough but MOP has created different hair conditioners to work with each type.

The MOP Hair Conditioner
, Mixed Greens, was formulated to treat normal to dry hair. It contains extracts from alfalfa, artichoke, cucumber, parsley and watercress to help repair dryness or damage. This conditioner is also made with rosemary oil, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar to add shine, nourish, and soften the hair. The Mixed Greens Conditioner is packed with vitamins to help detangle and smooth. Leave this product in for a minute or two to allow moisture to fully absorb. You do not need to use a large amount of this product for great results.
The MOP Hair Conditioner, Lemongrass, was developed for fine hair to eliminate limp strands. This product is packed with lemongrass, chamomile, and calendula to leave hair looking and feeling shiny and soft. This conditioner helps improve volume and height, to create fuller, thicker looking hair.
Modern Organic Products has also created a Pear Detangler which helps eliminate tangles and leaves hair feeling soft. The Pear Detangler contains pear juice, kelp extract, organic aloe, and comfrey. This product moisturizes hair as it detangles and it is easy to apply. You simply mist the product on your locks and comb it through.
Asides from regular everyday conditioners, this line also contains other products that help condition and restore hair. Their Leave-In Conditioner is intended for all hair types and helps hydrate and strengthen stressed out hair. This product is made from organic echinacea, dandelion, and carrot juice to help protect hair from sun, pollutants, and heat tools. It also contains olive oil to increase shine. After you have shampooed your hair you can work this product throughout your hair and leave it in for intense moisturization.
Modern Organic Products also carries a product called Extreme Moisture which treats severely dry and damaged hair. This product will help eliminate damage that has been created by the sun, heat tools or chemical treatments. It is loaded with vitamins and hydrating ingredients to restore hair and lock in moisture. It also contains organic apple and banana juices to strengthen hair and promote shine.
Restoring moisture in hair makes hair more manageable and prevents further damage. Remember to condition your hair every time you shampoo to replenish essential oils and try to use a deep conditioning product on a regular basis to give hair an added boost. Keeping hair hydrated can help eliminate split ends and breakage which will ultimately lead to longer, healthier hair.
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