Budget Friendly Make at Home Beauty Treatments

We are all well aware of how expensive it is for some of our favorite beauty treatments. Whether it's a costly cream from the department store or our favorite micro dermabrasion treatment at the spa, they tend to make a big dent in our wallet. Don't forget the trips to the hair salon, or the weekly mani-pedi so many of us are fond of! Lately, the trend finds more of us searching for budget friendly beauty treatments. Luckily there are many beauty treatments that one can prepare at home that cost next to nothing, and because they are made from natural ingredients, are good for you and the environment as well! Most recipes do not require any special equipment; just use what you already have in the kitchen!

When purchasing ingredients, it's less expensive to buy in larger quantities. Many of the ingredients have multiple uses. Certainly items like sugar or cornmeal will be used in the kitchen, but essential oils can be used in potpourri, candles or a room refreshing spray. Buying in larger quantities will also save you trips to the store. If you make one of the following beauty treatments, any leftovers should be stored in a glass jar. Instead of buying glass jars, re-use any empty jars from the refrigerator. Clean the glass jars thoroughly with hot water and soap. Be sure to rinse the jars clean to remove any soap residue and dry thoroughly.
Common ingredients used for many homemade beauty treatments include essential oils, sugar or salt, oils such as almond, olive or sesame, dried herbs and cocoa butter. Most of these items can be bought at the grocery store. Other ingredients, like essential oils and dried herbs, can be found at craft stores. However, I have found these stores to be expensive. Instead, there are many sites online that sell these items in bulk and at a substantial discount, usually with free shipping. Try to buy all natural ingredients. For example, use pure essential oils, not fragrance or synthetic oils.
One inexpensive and easy to make beauty treatment is a salt scrub. Salt scrubs exfoliate the dead skin cells from your body, leaving it smooth and soft. This treatment is exactly what one gets at a spa for a much higher price. This salt scrub is easy on the skin because of the oils. Purchase sea salt from the grocery store or online. Put 2 cups sea salt in a jar with a wide mouth so later you can easily scoop out the mixture. Add to this a mix of 1 cup total oil and sesame oil. You may choose whatever essential oil that's to your liking, but I recommend lavender if you want a soothing scrub, or grapefruit for an invigorating wake up call. Add about 10 drops essential oil to the mixture, close the lid and gently mix, covering all the salt. In the bath, scoop out the salt scrub and rub gently into the skin. Rinse thoroughly, towel dry and enjoy your new smooth skin!

Instead of spending a fortune on a toner in a little tiny bottle at a department store, try making this easy Tea tree and aloe vera toner recipe. Witch hazel is very budget friendly and a natural toner base, so purchase a large bottle at the drug store. Pour 1 cup into a smaller glass jar with a narrow neck. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic found in many soaps and lotions on the market today. It prevents bacteria from staying on your skin and causing break outs. Add 5 drops of the tea tree oil to the witch hazel. Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer and helps skin heal. Again, aloe vera is inexpensive, so purchase a larger quantity. Add two teaspoons aloe vera gel to the toner. Gently shake the toner before each use and use a cotton ball to apply after cleansing. Leftover toner can be refrigerated, but keep in mind that any of these at home treatments should be used within 7-10 days, so only make as much as you will use in that time.
Preparing and using these simple at home beauty treatments instead of heading to the spa can save one quite a bit of money in the long run. The results are spa quality treatments that leave you feeling and looking just as good as if you had spent a fortune!

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