Jane Iredale Amazing Base Vs PurePressed Mineral Makeup - Which is Best?

I recently compared Jane Iredale Amazing Base and PurePressed, and I am absolutely impressed with Amazing Base loose powder. I've been a fan of PurePressed before, but the loose powder version absolutely takes the cake!

First of all, the finish on Amazing Base has a nice sheen to it. Even though my skin tends to be on the oily side, the loose powder works into my skin and gives it a nice, healthy glow. PurePressed is more matte, which at first seems to be a good thing but sometimes it looks a bit chalky. And when it mixes in with my skin oil, it becomes extra shiny - a little less natural than I want. For most of us girls, I think the key is always getting that natural "no makeup" look. Anything that achieves that is on it's way to being a Holy Grail kit.
Second, AB stays the same on your face all day! I barely have to fix ups in the middle of the day. A very small amount covers well, it looks natural on the skin and does not break me out or cause cysts.
Note: Color is also very different. If you're switching between the two, Amazing Base tends to be about two shades darker than PurePressed.
Amazing Base application tips:
1) When you first put it on, you need to wait about 15 minutes to mix with your skin oils. If you're not patient with this step, then that can really mess up any other layers and touch ups you do.
2) Light application is a MUST - otherwise it will look cakey and heavy. You need only very little of mineral powder for adequate coverage.
3) USE THE RIGHT BRUSH. Can't stress this point highly enough. The powder will not pick up nor apply properly if you think you can use anything!
These are only basic must-do's to prevent a makeup disaster with Amazing Base. Getting it to work wonders on your particular skin will take a bit more work.

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