Ma Belle Amie Body Butter Review

I have written about my love of Shea butter many times before on this site.  It is one of my favorite all natural ingredients because it can be used many ways for many issues.  It has terrific moisturizing properties!  I had the opportunity to try out a Shea butter moisturizer by Ma Belle Amie, part of a recent launch of their premier all natural body butters.  

The Shea butter arrived in a nice black box with pretty purple bows.  It's a generous 8 ounces inside a reusable glass jar, which is nice. 

There are three scents available, but I was interested in trying the one called "Sunday Afternoon."  The body butter I chose is infused with two of my favorite essential oils, lavender and chamomile, and both jojoba and grape seed oil as well. I found the Shea butter, it's main ingredient, to be of high quality, having a smooth and creamy texture and bright color.  

The Sunday Afternoon body butter moisturized very well. I suffer from dry patches on my ankles and elbows, so I always look for something that does a good job of moisturizing those areas.  I gave it seven full days and it worked wonders!  The nice thing about this particular Shea butter is that you do not need to use a lot of it to get the benefits.  I rubbed a small amount into my hands to soften it and then applied.  

It does appear to be oily once it warms on the skin, but it absolutely absorbs quickly.  My skin was left very soft, non-greasy, and it smelled terrific. 

One problem I did have is that I wanted to take some with me, but the container is glass and is not portable in any real way.  However, the problem was solved when I found an old small tin and filled that up with the butter so I could take some on the go with me! 

I liked the scent very much, however the scent could be just a bit heavier. I am a fan of lavender and it's aromatherapy properties, therefore a bit more of it would have been fine with me.  I could smell the Shea butter over the lavender and chamomile, although Shea does have a scent that can stand out. 

I also used the body butter to moisturize my cuticles when I did my nails and my legs after shaving.  When summer comes, I'll be sure to use it on those days I spent out in the sun. Over all, I enjoyed the Sunday Afternoon Shea Body Butter by Ma Belle Amie, and was pleased with how well it moisturizes.  If you would like to try it as well, you can find it at the link below! 

                                                                               Find this at

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