Why Are Minerals in My Makeup?

Mineral makeup is hot right now. Different cosmetic companies are adding new mineral lines every day, in everything from foundation to eye shadow to face creams. Mineral makeup is a cosmetic break through, tackling everything from acne to wrinkles and aging. What is mineral makeup and how can it benefit your skin?

Mineral makeup contains several different types of minerals, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These are natural sunscreen pigments for both UVA and UVB rays. Wearing sunscreen every day prevents aging, and since it is in your makeup, it is one less item to apply in the morning. Silica assists in drying the oil from the skin, while Mica fills in fine lines. Ingredients such as Iron Oxide provide a natural colorant which is also hypoallergenic.
Almost as important as what is in mineral makeup is what is NOT in mineral makeup. Talc, dyes perfumes and some chemicals added to other cosmetics cause all types of skin problems, including acne. Mineral makeup is pure, with simple ingredients, and will not clog pores. It also does not promote the harboring of bacteria, keeping the skin surface cleaner. THis truly is one of the first makeup types you can sleep in and not ruin your skin! Unlike other cosmetics, mineral makeup does not need preservatives, which also attribute to skin irritation. Many types of minerals contain anti-inflammatory properties, making them perfect for sensitive skin or those with rosacea.
Mineral makeup comes mainly in loose powder form. The makeup is easy to apply and provides excellent coverage, even over blemishes. Even coverage does not require a lot of product. The makeup is naturally long wearing and is sweatproof and waterproof. When applied correctly, fine lines are filled in and the smooth coverage gives the skin a healthy glow. It achieves this by diffusing light giving your skin a soft focus, photogenic look. Over time, mineral makeup improves the look of skin by soothing and preventing skin problems.
Mineral makeup is good for all skin types, especially for sensitive or acne prone skin. While shopping for mineral makeup, choose a reputable brand and read the list of ingredients. Some brands still add unnecessary ingredients, so choose wisely. Select a color closest to your natural skin color and apply with a light touch. Choosing mineral makeup can give you the healthy skin and a beautiful look you have always desired!

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