Moisturizing Brown Sugar Body Scrub DIY Recipe

Does your skin bother you right now? Are you doing too much or too little to get a perfect skin that is wrinkle free, healthy and has a radiant glow? You are not alone.

Just as it does on other parts of your bodies, age takes its toll on your skin. Furthermore, exposure to sunlight, pollution and toxic chemicals (and cosmetics) throughout the years produces free radicals that damage skin cells, and steal the youthful radiance. Every year on average you absorb estimated 4 pounds toxic chemicals through beauty and cosmetic products.

"True path to natural, healthy, and green beauty is often "do it yourself" inexpensive skin treatments that are simple to make yet great for skin" says nutritionist, and beauty maven Kate Gabriel.

Sometimes, all you really need is a good natural exfoliator and a good moisturizer that can take years off your skin. So what exactly is a "good" inexpensive natural exfoliator? Answer is brown sugar body scrub.

A homemade brown sugar body scrub is a gentle exfoliator that transforms dull, dry skin into a beautiful glow. Brown sugar has natural glycolic acid, a natural alpha-hydroxyl acid that stimulates the skin, cleaning pores and dissolving the surface layer of dead skin cells.

Best Brown Sugar Body Scrub Recipe:

1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup of certified organic coconut oil
1 tsp vitamin E
5-10 drops of lavender essential oil

Certified organic coconut oil mixed with brown sugar, contains natural fatty acids that help feed the skin's surface. These nutrients firm up the surface of the skin, reducing signs of aging. Anti-oxidant rich coconut oil penetrates the skin to replenish moisture and nourishing vitamins.

Lavender oil is an excellent addition to any body scrub. Extensively used in aromatherapy for its calming properties, Lavender oil is known to reduce anxiety, and relieve stress. Had a stressful day at work? Try this Lavender [http://bodyscrubworld.com/sugar-body-scrub/brown-sugar-scrub/]brown sugar body scrub and experience a radiant skin and energized body.

How to apply brown sugar body scrub:

Moisten the skin with lukewarm water.
Massage into the skin in a circular motion.
Gently exfoliate revealing the radiant, healthy skin beneath.
Wash away leaving the skin silky smooth and deeply moisturized

"Remember beautiful skin is a reflection of your inner health and the choices you make every day - what you eat, what skin care products you use, what lifestyle you maintain - affect how your skin looks" says Rhoda Louise, MD, president of the Society of Dermatology and skin care.

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