A Relaxing Soak with Adovia Mineral Bath Salts

My days are very busy, working both as a beauty blogger and a paralegal.  I get tension in my shoulders and lower back pain almost daily.  A relaxing soak in the tub after a long day is one of my favorite ways to de-stress. I recently was given a sample of Adovia Bath Salts to try in one of my end of the day soaks.  

The bath salts came in a re-sealable package.  I found them to be fast dissolving which is nice, you do not want to sit on undissolved salt in the tub.  Ouch! There are no artificial colors, scents, or additives int Adovia's bath salts, which I always appreciate. The salts are from the Dead Sea, a natural salt deposit. 

Dead Sea Salts are much higher in mineral content than the Epsom Salts you can buy at the drugstore.  Adovia bath salts are 100% pure, organic and unprocessed. They come straight from Dead Sea to you, naturally rich with 26 different minerals.  These minerals help too soothe many types of dry or sensitive skin conditions.  The bath salts also provide buoyancy in the water, which helps alleviate stress to the joints and can help ease sore muscles in the bath.  

I enjoyed my sample of Adovia Bath Salts and would recommend them.
Find it here: Adovia Dead Sea Salts

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