3 Natural Make Your Own Facial Steam Recipes

A facial steam is truly a sauna for the face. It is a great way to hydrate, detox and nourish the skin. They are not complicated to make or hard to apply to your skin care regime. You can use a variety of ingredients such as herbs, essential oils, seaweeds, etc... The most important ingredient is of course water.

Water is the perfect hydrant for the skin and is the base for our facial steam recipes. When making your own facial steams, you want to make sure you use quality water. Spring water or steam distilled water are a good choice. When making your facial steams, simmering water is used, not boiling water. 

Herbs that can be use for your facial steam and have a history of being beneficial for the skin are: chamomile, comfrey, green tea, yarrow, horsetail, peppermint, and many others. You can use either dried or fresh herbs in your facial steam recipes. 

Essential oils are very powerful and just a few drops to your facial steam is all that is needed for you to benefit from their healing powers. There are many oils that can be used in your facial sauna, such as: carrot oil, chamomile oil, geranium oil, lemon oil, grapefruit oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, etc...

Facial steams can be used to help with all sorts of skin conditions. Below are simple recipes that you can use for three skin challenges, acne, aging skin, and oily skin.

Acne Facial Steam

2 drops of lemon oil

1/2 cup chamomile herb

1 drop lavender oil

Aging Skin Steam

2 drops carrot oil

1/2 cup yarrow herb

1/2 cup rosemary herb

2 drops lavender

Oily Skin Steam

2 drops lemon oil

1/2 cup rosemary herb

1 drop bergamot oil

To prepare your facial steams, start with 4-6 cups of simmering spring water and add herbs, let them steep for about 5-7 minutes on the stove with the heat set to low to keep the temperature constant. Then add essential oils. Remove pot from the stove and close your eyes and place your face over the steam about 8 inches from the container. Steam your face for about 15-20 minutes. Pat dry and apply a toner to close your pores.

To maximize the benefits, you can give yourself a facial steam at least 2-3 times a week.

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