All Natural Retinol Serums: Aria Starr Super Retinol Formula Review

I love a good, all natural beauty product that actually gives noticeable results.  Aria Starr's Super Retinol Serum did just that for me.  I ws looking for a lighter feeling serum for the summer months and this is the one I'm going with. 

Aria Starr's retinol formula is a full strength 2.5% Retinol (Vitamin A).  Comes with a pump (not a dropper) for easy application of the generous 2 oz. bottle.  I find you only need to use a couple pumps to cover the whole face and neck area. The scent is mild to non existent, which is something I prefer.  

The product description states that retinol will diminish smile lines around the eyes and mouth, even skin tone, improve smooth texture, and unclog pores.  Cleaner, smaller pores is what I noticed the most after using the product for a couple of weeks.  I applied a small amount every night before bed.  I have adult acne and blackheads with some mild acne scarring.  Using Aria Starr's natural formulation of Retinol did make a difference in the appearance and size of my pores and that makes me happy! 

+2.5% Retinol
+Botanical Hyaluronic Acid
+Vitamin E
+Organic Aloe
+Jojoba Oil
+Green Tea

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