Perfectly Natural Soap: Great for the Skin!

I rarely use regular soap anymore, unless its the only thing available at the time.  I find a lot of the hand washes have alcohol and other drying ingredients in them, and bar soap is often filled with perfumes and more that I simply don't need.  Foxbrim sent me a sample to try of their Perfectly Natural Soap and I was very pleased with the product.  

The first thing I noticed right away was how soft my skin felt after washing.  There was none of the usual tightness I get after cleansing my face.  Only a small amount is needed to get a nice lather that feels pretty good on the skin.  Purified water and saponified natural oils are used to create this simple but very effective natural soap. 

I use it on my both my face and body, and it's great for a hand wash as well! 

Check it out here: Foxbrim Perfectly Natural Soap

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