Orange Blossom Facial Toner Review and Recomendations

Beautiful skin is simple, once you start using products on your face that are right for your skin. For example, I have found no need for different creams for different parts of my face or for different times of the day or night. I only need one cream. It just doesn't need to be complicated. Surprisingly though, women who use lots of different products often do not use one of the three kinds of products that I consider absolutely basic to beautiful skin - and that is a facial toner. Here is why I believe you really should be using one, especially Foxbrim's Orange Blossom Toner.

Orange Blossom facial toners, provided they are formulated correctly, can do three important things for the complexion.  And Foxbrim's formulation has all the needed ingredients. 

First, a facial toner will shrink your pores and smooth your skin. Most toners contain astringents - chemical compounds that cause skin to contract and tighten. When the skin tightens, the pores shrink, and your skin becomes smoother.

Second, smaller pores do not just look better. They also provide less room for oil, makeup and microbes to lodge. Combined with the deep cleansing and antiseptic properties of many toners, this can result in skin that better resists infection, giving you a clearer complexion, with fewer break-outs.

Third, a facial toner can restore the skin's pH balance after cleansing. Cleansers tend to be highly alkaline. They wash off the oils we produce that keep our skin moisturized and push our skin's pH to the alkaline side of the scale. This compromises our "acid mantle," our first line of defense against invading microbes. Skin should be slightly acidic. A toner, if it is pH-balanced correctly, will reset your skin's pH right away, so your natural defenses are not compromised, resulting in fewer flare-ups.

Foxbrim’s Orange Blossom Water Toner brings the wonderfully scented floral water of  the Mediterranean to you.  From the bitter orange tree comes a 100% pure and natural blossom (or flower) water. Absolutely nothing added so you enjoy the full benefits of this fragrant and skin healing water. Renowned for it’s many uses and benefits, Orange Blossom Water has astringent and anti-microbial properties to provide skin a fresh and and balanced feel while removing excess dirt and oil.

Pure and natural distillation of Neroli. Also known as Neroli Oil (or Hydrosol) - Citrus aurantium amara

-Visibly softens wrinkles and scars
-Stimulates new cell growth
-Balances skin tone and oil production

-Fades marks, scars and skin damage

I recieved this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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