Nerium Skin Care-Science and Nature Combined

I was recently given an opportunity to try a group of products that many people may not have heard of yet.  The family of Nerium products combines science with natural ingredients, and the sales have been phenomenal so I was happy to give them a try. I received the package of the three big sellers they have.  

Nerium has been around for several years now providing their unique line of skin care to the public. Building on the research that was done by scientists at Nerium Biotechnology, they have created a line of anti-aging skin care products that all women can use.  The scientists discovered that the unique properties of the Oleander plant would work to diminish the signs of aging. The result combines the Nerium Oleander and Aloe combination discovered by these scientists in a special NAE-8 ingredient.  

The NeriumAD Night Cream is the first product Nerium developed.  It's a concentrated night treatment rather than a typical moisturizer.  I liked the product from the start.  I simply moistened my face with a bit of water from a spray bottle first and then applied the cream nightly.  I immediately felt my skin tightening, however, these products don't claim to work over night. The benefits come from regular use in conjunction with the day cream. 

I really liked the NeriumAD Day cream.  It was easy to apply, felt good on my skin and worked well under my makeup.  It did not make my skin oily like some day creams can do.  I not only used this product on my face, but also on my neck, chest, and even the tops of my hands.  

Nerium AD Contour Cream is a product that didn’t really think I needed until I tried it.  I'm a slender girl, but I still have cellulite and loose skin on my thighs.  I started a workout program, but adding this product to my arsenal was a smart move.  After just a few days of use, I noticed my skin looked a bit firmer.  It felt good on my skin and was easy to apply. This is also a product that must be used regularly to see the benefits, so I'm looking forward to seeing bigger results after a bit more use.  

All of these products contain plant based ingredients that are all natural and good for the skin such as Aloe, Glycerin, Olus oil and Tocopheral and of course we love that!  Nerium plans to add additional products such as an eye cream, blemish cream and a moisturizing lotion using these ingredients in the near future.   

So, how can you find the Nerium product line?  It is currently sold by individuals on the website here: Nerium Skin Care

Learn about the science of Nerium Skincare here

Interested in selling Nerium products? Contact Bluskylar@me.com

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