Moisturizing Kusuma Oil For Dry Skin Care with DIY Recipes

We had our first snow and cold temperatures here recently, and as usual, my normally dry skin is taking an extra beating.  I really make an effort to balance out the drying effects of the season by making sure I'm hydrated, keep up my healthy diet, and continue to wear sunscreen.  If you have been reading my blog, you will also know I have kept it no secret that as I work my way through my 40's, my skin gets dryer. Ageing will tend to do that. You also know I love all natural oils, and that I use them regularly to moisturize my face and body.  

I recently found a new natural oil I was completely unaware of until I read this article on the Secrets Of Ayurveda blog. Kusuma oil has been around for a very long time, and is used in many ways.  I was interested in how it could be used topically for treating my winter dry skin.  

Kusuma oil is extracted from the seeds of the Safflower, which contain fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.  All of these qualities are what I look for in an oil, especially one I will apply to my face. Fatty acids like Omega6 are known to help lock in moisture on the skin.  I found a very good source of 100% pure Kusuma oil at Argo Naturals and decided to try it out.  

I create oil blends for my bath, massage/moisturizing oil, face and face wash and keep them on hand all the time.  I decided to add Kusuma oil to both my massage/moisturizing oil and facial oil.  I chose to add it to these because, after trying out a few drops, I saw that this oil is nice and light and blends quickly into the skin.  That's important...I don't want to look greasy or like I'm basted ready for roasting! I prefer the natural glow of moisturized skin, and lighter oils like Kusuma give me that look.

Try these very easy to make Kusuma oil blends at home.

Bath Oil Blend (per bath)
20 drops Kusuma Oil
10 drops jojoba oil
10 drops  coconut oil
10 drops lavender oil for scent
Facial Oil Blend
10 drops Kusuma Oil
10 drops Argan Oil

I apply a few drops of facial oil to my face with cotton balls every night, but the oil blends well enough that I can also use it before applying my makeup for the day.  That gives me extra protection on those cold winter days.  I do use facial blends in the summer, and I think this summer I will use Argo Naturals Kusuma oil by itself instead of a blend, since it’s non-greasy and won’t clog my pores. 

Have you tried Kusuma oil in your beauty routine?  What is your favorite way to use Kusuma oil? Let us know! 

Find Kusuma Oil Here: Argo Naturals
Read more here: Secrets of Ayurveda

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