Natural Home Remedies for Deep Cleansing Your Skin

Many skin issues such as spots, uneven skin tone,  and blackheads are caused by excess sebum and pollution building up on your skin and settling into your pores. Sebum is very necessary for healthy looking skin, as it is the natural oil that your body produces to lubricate and protect he skin,  but if your body starts to produce excess sebum blackheads and acne can soon follow. There are many commercial products to cleanse your face deeply but if you prefer to use natural home remedies for deep cleansing your skin try the following all natural at home treatment.  I personally do this a few times a month.  It's like going to the spa without the cost. 

The procedure will take an hour or two so give yourself plenty of time. Deep cleaning should only be done once or twice each month.  You do not want to over do it.  Frequent  deep cleanings will encourage your body to produce more sebum, the opposite of what you want.  .

In brief,  the treatment  is a three stage process; open pores, draw out and remove impurities from the skin, and finally, tone the skin to close pores. 

Open Pores. 

Some of the dirt and oil will be deep in the pores so you need to prepare your skin by opening the pores. The best way to open pores and release the dirt and pollution is by doing a facial steam.   Although you can buy facial steamers you can do just as good a job with a bowl of hot water and a towel.

Pour very hot water, not quite boiling,  into a bowl and put a towel over your head to let the steam build up. Lower your head over the bowl. You can move your head further away if it is too hot or just allow the water to cool a little. You need to steam for about 5 minutes. Do make sure you have the bowl on a stable surface and take care this is near boiling water you should be using and you need to be aware of the risk of scalding.

You could add essential oils to the water to increase the cleansing further. Lavender Oil or Tea Tree Essential Oil both work very well to kill bacteria on the surface of the skin. lavender is the  gentler oil, so try this one if you have sensitive skin. 

Drawing Impurities From the Skin

Once the pores are open and perspiration has begun the process of flushing out the impurities, it's time to draw the dirt out so they are easily washed away.

Finely ground oatmeal and honey make the perfect mask for this job. Mix a cup full of oatmeal with enough honey to make a thick paste. Natural honey works best as it has stronger healing properties. If you can get Manuka Honey I highly suggest doing so.  Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand from bees that feed on the plants that produce Tea Tree oil. It is so powerful it has been used by doctors to fight infection and on burn patients in hospitals as a way to promote healing and prevent infections.

Once you have made the paste gently massage it over the skin and leave on for about 15 minutes. The oatmeal will absorb oils and dirt and the honey promotes healing and will soothe inflamed skin, reducing any redness. Rinse the paste off thoroughly with warm water. 

Skin Toning 

The final step is to tone the skin. Closing  the pores will prevent impurities from re-entering the pores. You could use a facial toner, but diluted apple cider vinegar works just as well and is good for all skin types. Gently wipe your skin with a cotton ball dipped dabbed in the cider. Always finish up with a moisturizer and sunscreen protection. 

An hour or so after you have deeply cleansed your skin you should notice the difference and your skin will be soft and supple.  . 

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