Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Recipes

My friends finally got together and put together a book of all of their best anti-aging skin care recipes that they have used or have been working on for quite awhile now.  I have always had a few favorites of theirs that I have used and loved, especially the night cream.  Check out my tips and take a look at the new book! I highly recommend it, it's great for having handy as a reference guide, and so many of the skin care recipes you can make in advance and keep in the fridge.  

One of the biggest problems that any women above 30 years old face is that they face the visual signs of aging like wrinkles, face lines, sagging skin, blemishes, age spots and other unwanted marks. Anti aging products are available everywhere, but most women end up frustrated with their results.

However, nature has given us some of the most powerful anti aging ingredients, but few people know about them. For example, In Japan,  women typically  have the best skin because they regularly eat natural foods such as the algae Wakame kelp that keep their hyaluronic acid levels high.

Get the book here! 

There are different causes of skin aging, but he biggest one is too much sun exposure, then of course there is the damage we do with exposure to alcohol, smoke, pollution and chemicals These things damage the skin for years and we end up with unwanted wrinkles.

As we age our body decreases the production of some essential proteins called collagen and elastin. Once collagen decreases the epidermis of the skin becomes dull and wrinkles form.
There are some natural anti-aging skin care recipes that can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines by increasing collagen and elastin. There are great ingredients that have multiple uses and skin care benefits. 

- Milk is an amazing natural product, it helps reduce wrinkles, moisture the skin, reduce dryness and hydrates the skin. It actually promotes new skin cells. Massage milk on your neck and face at night before sleeping.

- Egg whites provide your skin a lifting effect that reduces wrinkles, you can also use it with a dash of almonds or honey.

- Vitamin C has the power to increase collagen in your skin, so it can reduce wrinkles very well. Orange juice and lemon contain a lot of vitamin C. It also is an anti oxidant that helps to get rid of free radicals. It recommended to prevent the direct application of juice in your skin, instead mix it with milk.

Those few ingredients are part of  simple but powerful anti aging natural remedies that will keep your skin smooth and wrinkle free. So, grab a few empty jars, get the book, and get creative with your skin care! 

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  1. Great tips, I think protection from sun is really important. I feel like that's of the the single most important things you can do to protect your skin.
    I live in Manhattan and I go to Spa in Manhattan NY for skin care.


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