The Athena 7 Minute Lift Review: A 7 Minute Anti-Aging Face Lift

Athena 7 Minute Lift has been enjoying some excellent PR recently in various magazines and online. It seems to have become the buzz word when it comes to non surgical face lifts. In just 7 minutes you'll look and feel like you had a face lift they say. So how does Athena produce their results? Let's have a look.

Firstly, what's so special about Athena 7 Minute? What makes it work? 

Athena is made up of 12 organic botanicals that nourish the skin, reduce the signs of aging, eliminating wrinkles and sagging skin. They 'lift' the skin as well as reverse appearance of wrinkles.

Every year billions of dollars are spent on skin care products and for many of us we are left feeling unsatisfied with the results we see from many of these products that claim they will get rid of wrinkles. There is an awful lot of hype and not a lot of results when it comes to wrinkle reduction.

The study results?

Athena 7 Minute Lift is different because it's backed by scientific research. All of the ingredients have undergone a significant amount of research before they were approved for use. It's very important that the materials going into a product have the clinical trials to prove they work otherwise you are paying for hype.

The desire to look younger, to look your best, by reducing fine lines and wrinkles is a desire many of us share. And when it comes to accomplishing this Athena and its 12 organic botanicals do a good job. That's according to the clinical study data. The reduction in lines and wrinkles was over 82% in a panel judgment of the entire face of women who used the Athena.

The anti aging effects?

When you are in the market for a wrinkle cream you need to look for a product that will stimulate the production of collagen, a product that has anti inflammatory qualities, a product that is packed with antioxidants, and a product that does an excellent job of hydrating and moisturizing because that's how the ingredients get delivered deeply into the skin.

Antioxidants work to repair your skin from damage that's a result of sun and toxins that are responsible for wrinkle development. Antioxidants remove free radicals that damage the skin, leaving you with fewer wrinkles and healthier younger looking skin.

Athena 7 works by acting like a mini face lift, lifting and tucking and reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It takes years off your face, without the risks, side effects and cost associated with a surgical face lift.

The before and after photos?

There are plenty of before and after photos online that show you just what Athena 7 Minute face lift has done for many. I personally thought it worked well, but keep in mind the immediate results are temporary.  Skin texture will improve over time with continued use. 

In addition it has received many testimonials and endorsements which can be found online. As a result this product has drawn so much attention, becoming a buzz word quickly since its launch in the US and the UK. It works so quickly that many people are talking about it.

And just to make you really comfortable with your decision to try Athena 7 it comes with a money back guarantee so if you don't like the results you get simply send it back and receive a refund. It's that simple.

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