Strivectin SD Cream - Does it Work to Reverse Wrinkles?

Does this stretch mark cream really work to reduce fine lines and wrinkles? Glad you asked.

If you were to base your answer on the number of people using Strivectin cream to reduce the signs of aging one would have to say - yes it absolutely works. But what about from a scientific point of view?

Clinical trials and research had long ago confirmed that it reduced the appearance of stretch marks, but according a spokesperson for the makers Klein-Becker, discovering that Strivectin-SD cream worked for wrinkles was just plain luck.

It all began when Klein-Becker gave out samples of the cream that weren't clearly marked as to their purpose. As more cream reached a wider range of friends and family, how to use the cream became mixed up, and many began applying it to their faces. Soon there was quite a rave about just how well it reduced fine lines and wrinkles, including crows' feet. The users felt they were looking as much as 10 years younger, yet there was no scientific evidence to support this.

It quickly became apparent to the company that far too many were experiencing these results for it to be a coincidence. But without the scientific data to back it up they couldn't be sure. Dr. Daniel B Mowrey the Director of Scientific Affairs, decided to give it a try himself and his wife noticed very quickly that he was looking younger in no time at all.

Before they could send it to scientific studies themselves, from France came several studies that covered in detail the results of oligo peptide as an excellent wrinkle reducer. In fact, it was superior to anything else currently on the market. For Strivectin that was great news since this peptide was one of the main ingredients in the cream. Research had also found it worked almost twice as fast as any other product on the market.

The research continues to support the qualities of Strivectin cream as an anti-wrinkle cream. Many dermatologists and plastic surgeons recommend Strivectin SD, because it does such a good job of reducing and even eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.

In fact, for anyone looking for a treatment that is less invasive than Botox, this is the answer. Did we mention it also costs a lot less. Because more invasive procedures like Botox, facial peels, or dermabrasion are hard on the skin initially it takes time before you see results, where as with Strivectin cream you see results almost immediately.

Strivectin SD will take ten years or more of your face. You'll look healthier, and more youthful with that glowing complexion.

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