Manuka Honey Skin Care for Summer

I finally got out last weekend to do a little kayaking.  We had been waiting on a bit warmer weather to go this spring, and we had the perfect weekend.  Plenty of sunshine, warm air and cool water.  I also camped nearby on the river with several friends.  It was a great time, but I suffered a bit afterwards from too much sun and several bug bites.  

A little while ago I was sent a sample of an ointment to try, so I thought I would grab it and bring it along.  I was happy I did! 

I got this ointment from Nature's Gold, and Australian company that uses Manuka honey in it's natural skin care products.  It came with several good suggestions for it's use, such as using on dry cuticles when doing a manicure, but I found two favorite ways to use it, and was happy that it worked.  

My lips got incredibly chapped those two days I spent camping and kayaking.  All I had with me was the ointment.  I used it sparingly on my lips (you only need a small amount), and was instantly thrilled by how much better my lips felt.  Within just two days of using it my chapped lips were so much better, and as a bonus, very soft and smooth.  

I also hate the way my skin dries out so I used Manuka Honey from Nature's Gold on my hands. They were incredibly smooth.  It's a balm type ointment and can be a bit sticky, but taking a minute to rub it in well and it absorbs nicely.  

Check out all the great stuff about this Manuka Honey ointment! 

Nature's Gold - The Manuka Honey People

Packed with 30% active Manuka honey (15+) we believe Manuka Power is the most potent and effective ointment currently on the market. 

It is quickly absorbed for fast acting relief from a range of common complaints, including dry skin, chafed lips, bites, stings, minor burns and abrasions.

  • Protects your skin on dry, hot or windy days
  • Fights infection and helps heal minor cuts and abrasions
  • Calms and soothes red and inflamed skin
  • Protects the skin and relieves the symptoms of chafing
  • Provides instant relief from the pain associated with minor steam burns
  • Moisturizes and protects dry and cracked lips
  • Lessens the sting and itch of insect and mosquito bites

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