Caithy Aloe & Cocoa Eye Cream: A Healthy Defense Against Aging Skin

It's summer, and I have a host of skin problems I battle on a daily basis.   I spend a lot of time outdoors. Sun exposure, dry skin, redness and more are a regular occurrence at this time of year. Because I'm a blogger and fan of natural skin care, I am always on the lookout for new products that are healthy and beneficial to help me fight my particular problems. I recently discovered Caithy Organics, a company out of New Zealand.

I have wanted an eye cream that contains the ingredients I personally need to help calm the damage I have done by spending too much time outdoors.   For me, moisturizing the dryness and reducing the effects of sun damage are a priority.  The older I get, the more pronounced the damage appears, showing up in the form of wrinkles, crepiness under the eye, and sagging skin. The Aloe & Cocoa Eye Cream by Caithy Organics has the ingredient combination I have been looking for.

Caithy Organics uses high grade natural plant based ingredients, scientifically tested to give the most amount of potency while remaining gentle to skin. The eye cream is meant specifically to provide younger and firmer ageless looking skin around the eye area without being harsh.  The particular ingredients in the eye cream are what got me interested.

The aloe and cocoa combination is perfect. Aloe is a favorite skin care ingredient of mine.  I use it for multiple skin issues. It's properties help reduce redness, swelling and sun damage, as well as moisturizing my skin naturally.  Backing up the aloe is cocoa ingredient.  A highly moisturizing agent, it serves to heal and protect damaged skin and smooth dry areas.  In addition, the Aloe & Cocoa Eye Cream contains other good ingredients such as wheatgerm oil and glycerin, one of the best moisturizers available.

Best of all?  The product is fragrance free, something I always look for on a label.  This is especially good if you have sensitive skin.  The only area I have ever had sensitivity issues with is the area around my eyes, so I'm happy that Caithy Organics leave out the fragrances.

Interested in checking out this new line of healthy reasonably priced pure and natural products I found?

Find Caithy Organics Here!

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