Home Remedies for Acne Treatment From the Kitchen Cupboard

Despite the fact that many people believe acne is a condition only suffered as a teen, it can actually occur at any time in life. Hormonal changes can trigger an outbreak of acne but hormonal imbalance happens at several times through life and is only one cause for the appearance of spots. For many the first action when spots break out is a trip to the pharmacy, but there are many options for home acne treatment and you will find many of the necessary ingredients in your stock cupboard.

Have you noticed the trend for many over the counter products to contain natural ingredients? Honey, avocado, oatmeal and a multitude of herbs will be found in cosmetic preparations, but why buy expensive commercial products when you can make your own remedies and be sure that all the ingredients are pure and natural?

Crushed Garlic has natural antibiotic and cleansing properties. This is probably not the best treatment to try just before a date, but applying crushed garlic directly to a spot will quickly treat the condition

Honey is nature's super medicine. Applied to the face it will kill bacteria and promote healing. It is particularly good at treating the inflamed redness that comes with acne. It is also great for binding other ingredients to make a scrub such as...

Finely ground oatmeal. Honey and oatmeal when mixed make a very good exfoliating face scrub. The honey will bind the oatmeal and the combination kills bacteria, removes loose skin cells and absorbs excess sebum. A great all round treatment.

Tomato Pulp creates a very acidic environment that skin bacteria hates. Apply to the face and leave for at least 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Orange Peel can be made into a pulp by grinding it with a mortar and pestle or with the back of a spoon in a bowl. You may need to add a few drops of water. The paste can then be applied directly to spots to make them dry out. There have also been good reports about treating acne scars with orange peel.

As with any skin treatment you should try these remedies with caution the first time you try them. Watch your skin for any reaction and try them for shorter periods of time initially. Although these treatments are quite gentle and most will get no reaction, remember we all have different skin. If yours skin reacts or feels uncomfortable wash the ingredient off with warm water.

If you skin does not respond to home treatment or your acne is very severe you may wish to consult your doctor who will have a range of treatments to offer.

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