Staying Hydrated this Summer with My New Kersty Tumbler

I normally consume healthy foods every day at most meals.  I am one of those skinny chicks so I don't diet to lose weight, rather, I eat a basic healthy diet that is made up of mostly fruits and vegetables, with some proteins and healthy fats.  This helps me maintain the energy I need to stay fit. One of the most important parts of my diet routine is drinking enough to stay hydrated, and one of my favorite treats is an ice cold smoothie.  Therefore, I was happy to receive a new beverage bottle to try and I did just that! I may have found the replacement for my old, war torn bottle I have been hauling around.

Made by Kersty, it's  a 30 oz. stainless steel tumbler that comes with a drinking straw, cleaning brush and tight seal lid. The tight seal is great because the seal does keep the lid on very well, which is needed when I have it in the car or there is a chance of the tumbler getting knocked over.

I quickly whipped up an ice cold and healthy green tea beverage in my new Kersty tumbler and gave it a spin.  I kept it with me nearly the entire day.  I have to say it did keep my drink icy cold, even when the ice finally gave out.  The Kersty has been tested thoroughly, and the results of those tests show the Kersty can keep liquids cold for a whopping 28.5 hours and beverages hot for up to 8 hours.  That's all day at the office for me! The second day, I tried out a simple smoothie of yogurt and bananas and took that into work with me.  I was happily surprised that by my lunch hour when I finished the smoothie that the remaining drink was still cold and had not melted into a gooey mess.  It really does keep drinks cold for a very long time. 

I also do a lot of camping and kayaking.  When you are out on the water all afternoon you need something to keep your drinks cold, and this cup does the trick.  However, a lot of stainless steel mugs get too cold to hold. I used to have one that would build up ice crystals on the outside!  This one does not.  While my club soda stayed icy cold on the inside, I was able to hold it without freezing my fingers to the bone.  In addition, because of the tight sealed lid, it also does a great job of keeping the bugs out of my drink when I'm outside or in my kayak.   

30 oz. is a pretty good sized tumbler.   You can see in the picture my hand barely covers half the cup, and it sure does hold enough water or other beverages for quite some time.  I can keep the Kersty tumbler at my desk at work or on my long afternoon kayaking trips and I don't have to constantly refill it.

Cleaning the straw is a breeze by using the included brush, but I also soaked it a bit in soapy water and it cleaned up just fine.  I also happen to know it's pretty darn sturdy, because I dropped it twice and it survived just fine!

The price can't be beat either.  For a product that can easily compete with more expensive well known brands, a price of $24.95 is phenomenal.  Many of my fellow kayakers have the Yeti tumbler, and I honestly don't see a difference except that Kersty has a much better price and in addition, it comes with the straw and cleaning brush.  It's a much better buy!

I was very happy to receive this great tumbler set in exchange for my honest opinion in this review.  I am definitely recommending this tumbler to anyone. If you want your very own Kersty tumbler just like mine and get a great deal,  click HERE. Use the special coupon code "KERSTY10" to get 10% off just for you!

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