Natural Lip Balm Loves Your Lips

The fall season is here, and I already have begun wrapping up my outdoor activities.  I camp and kayak most of the summer and my skin fairs pretty well.  However, when cooler temps hit, my skin tends to dry up pretty quickly.  It’s especially bad for my lips.  I found myself out on the water with almost painfully dry lips.  You would think that I would have remembered to bring some along knowing I have this problem, but I didn’t.  I missed my beeswax lip balm.

Being a natural beauty advocate, I rarely go for drugstore lip balm.  I find most of them have ingredients like mineral oil, low grade wax, and a whole bunch of unnecessary chemicals. Personally, I prefer an all natural beeswax based lip balm.  There are a couple of brands of beeswax balm I have tried, but there are a few stand-out brands that go above and beyond in providing pure and safe lip care.

The quality of the beeswax is key in a good lip balm.  Beeswax goes on smooth, will naturally hold in moisture, and protect lips against the elements.  I find that beeswax lasts longer on the lips as well.

There is a family run business in Utah that started out beekeeping and producing honey for family and friends.  They discovered that the beeswax by product created in their honey making process was also very good quality.  After experimenting with the beeswax, Clearly Nature Lip Balm was created. 

Incorporated in their beeswax is a laundry list of healthy all natural oils such as Coconut, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, and Olive.   These oils are known to provide a multitude of benefits to the skin and lips.  The oils are packed with antioxidants that work to quickly improve troubled lips.  Aloe and Cocoa Butter provide extra moisturizing benefits to the lip balm.   

The fun part of the line of the lip balm is the selection of flavors.  Clearly Nature Co. currently has several to offer.  Vanilla Cream is perfect for winter lip care, while Mango Madness, Cooling Peppermint, and Tropical Delight are perfect to carry in your summer bag.  For the purist, there is the Classic Coconut Lip Balm.  Other fun and healthy flavors include Grape Splash, Mountain Huckleberry, Summer Peach, and Ripe Tangerine.

I have a few recommendations for you for better lip care.
  • Everyone should take care of their lips as they would with any other skin area on their body.  People tend to forget that lips are skin and a part of our body that requires the same care our skin does.
  • Avoid licking chapped lips as much as you can.  The lip balm will do a better job of protecting your lips and won’t promote additional chapping.
  • Before applying, dry your lips completely so that the product makes better contact with your lips.
Beeswax lip balms, such as Clearly Nature Co.’s, nourish your lips while providing safe, moisturizing, soothing, and long lasting relief for dry, chapped, peeling, and cracked lips. Discover multiple lip care benefits with these natural lip balms.  

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